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WiFiRanger & AT&T Bringing Internet to Georgian Students

Today we are honored to announce how we are helping school students stay connected during COVID-19. In partnership with AT&T, we have provided a purpose-built internet solution for school buses that will be implemented across the state of Georgia. AT&T generously donated 448 WiFiRanger Teton LTE C19 units to the Georgia Department of Education, Foundation for Public Education. The internet implementations will triple Georgia’s WiFi-enabled school buses and bring connectivity to 36 school districts.

View the original press release from The Office of Governor Brian P. Kemp here.

Watch the news spot from WSB-TV Atlanta News here.

Learn more about the purpose-built WiFiRanger Teton LTE C19 here.

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280+ School Buses with WiFiRanger in North Carolina

We are excited to be a part of an effort to provide internet to school students in North Carolina during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is an amazing way to serve communities with WiFi for continued learning during these unprecedented times. The WiFiRanger Teton LTE C19 routers will provide school buses with a WiFi network for students in order to connect and complete school assignments. The generosity of AT&T, Duke Energy Foundation, and Google has made this possible by donating the WiFi routers to North Carolina. We are partnered with AT&T in order to provide a complete WiFi solution that is connected to AT&T’s LTE network.

View the original press release from the North Carolina Department of Information Technology here.

Learn more about the purpose-built WiFiRanger Teton LTE C19 here.

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COVID-19 Free WiFi Relief Initiative

The pandemic is affecting all of us. As a response, we are creating an opt-in initiative that we hope our customers will see as an opportunity to help each other stay connected, virtually. Internet is now more important than ever for staying in touch with each other and keeping current about the shifting world around us due to social (physical) distancing. However, there is no need to keep ourselves distanced virtually.

The initiative is simple. We created a Profile that can be easily loaded on any WiFiRanger router which enables a guest WiFi network to share internet with those around you. If you desire to enable this option, get on your WiFiRanger Control Panel and click Check for Updates at the top right. It will take about 1 minute for a new profile to be loaded (which will remain inactive unless you enable it yourself). Now go to the Setup tab of your WiFiRanger and load the configuration Profile named COVID-19 RV Response Project. A WiFi signal will broadcast from your WiFiRanger named C-19.FreeWiFi.WiFiRanger which gives out free internet to those around you. The access code wfrcovid19 will display on the welcome page that guests see when they connect to the WiFi network.

Keep in mind that participating in this relief project is entirely voluntary, and no security risk is posed to your computers and devices since the guest network is segregated from your private network. However, data consumption will increase since you will be sharing your internet with those on your guest network. Consider this as a way to give to those around you who are in need. It could very well be their only way to stay connected during this challenging time.

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Announcing New Website & Converge Product Schema

We are excited to announce that our new website has gone live as of March 19th, 2020! The new website seeks to simplify navigation, improve mobile responsiveness, and streamline eCommerce. With the advanced customizability of the Converge product line, a new website was crucial to provide a clear and straightforward explanation of our offerings and prepare us for future innovations.

Key Product Changes

Part of this endeavor has been focused on simplifying our products while increasing customization for those interested in purpose-tailored solutions. In order to accomplish this, the following key changes were made:

  • Included AC Adapter for All Standalone Router & Pack Offerings
  • Made LTE Modem Optional for All Applicable Products
  • Standardized 30ft TetherPoint Cable for All Outdoor Routers & Packs (except Custom Pack)
  • Provided 3 TetherPoint Cable Length Options for Custom Pack (15, 30, 45ft)
  • Offered New Custom Pack for Complete Product Customization

Pricing Adjustments

Our goal is to present a unified and structured Converge product line that is easy for customers to customize and select the ideal products to meet their needs. Due to several changes in package contents, customization options, and production costs, the following pricing adjustments have been made:

Old PriceNew PricePrice Change
Poplar LTE (Category 4)$149.99$180$30.01
Aspen LTE (Category 4)n/a$260
Aspen LTE (Category 6)n/a$310
Teton LTE (Category 4)$219.00$250$31.00
Denali LTE (Category 4)$454.00$450-$4.00
Denali LTE (Category 6)n/a$500
Everest LTE (Category 4)n/a$750
Everest LTE (Category 6)$799.00$800$1.00
Everest 2x LTE (Category 4 & 4)n/a$850
Everest 2x LTE (Category 4 & 6)n/a$900
Everest 2x LTE (Category 6 & 6)n/a$950
Teton Pack$214.00$250$36.00
Denali Pack (Category 4)$544.00$600$56.00
Everest Pack (Category 6)n/a$900
Custom Packn/a$245-1305

Category 4 LTE Modem (entry-level performance) or Category 6 LTE Modem (high-performance)

New eCommerce Experience

We hope that these changes will result in less confusion about our offerings and options, and lead to an increased ability to serve the needs of our customers. Please view the new shop and decide for yourself whether the online shopping experience has been improved:

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WiFiRanger Disrupts RV WiFi & LTE Market With $199 MSRP Teton Offering

Debuts Converge Teton Long Range WiFi & LTE At Half The Cost Of Competitive Units

Graphic of the WiFiRanger Teton router of the Converge product line.

ORDERS – Oct 1st 2019

SHIPPING – Oct 15th 2019

September 25th, 2019 – Meridian, Idaho – WiFiRanger, the leader in Innovative RV connectivity & control solutions, announced the highly capable Converge Teton WiFi & LTE RV connectivity solution, extending long range WIFi acquisition, and extended range LTE to the reach of any budget.

“Working with our global suppliers to improve value, we were able to deliver our renowned feature packed RV connectivity solution including Extended Range LTE at a very aggressive price point, offering our capabilities to nearly every budget.”

Kelly Hogan
CEO & Visionary, WiFiRanger

The Teton stand alone WiFi platform has an MSRP of $129, with a $70 add-on to include LTE in the outdoor unit. The system has a dual chain 2Ghz WiFi system, Integrated GPS, and includes the new TetherPoint(™) cable system, allowing owners to add an indoor TetherPoint(™) router for extending the capabilities to include future indoor LTE devices, and tethering up to 3 hand held devices for data aggregation. Powered by either 12VDC, or AC, the system is at home in Towable’s and Class A’s alike.

“This system allows the access to our sought after features of security, simplicity, and automation known to the RV community. Even adding our Poplar TetherPoint router to the Teton system still comes in nearly $100 less than stand alone, roof-top only competitive products, and delivers more capability and upgrade potential than any other solution.” Continued Hogan.

The product will be available via website, and pre-orders will commence October 1st with shipments beginning October 15th, 2019.

WiFiRanger products are envisioned, designed & assembled in Meridian Idaho by a team of innovative Americans dedicated to improving RV connectivity. Information and ordering is available directly at and direct inquiries can be eMailed to, or call 208-321-5544. For OE integration through MITO Corporation in Elkhart, Indiana call 574-295-2441.

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WiFiRanger Extends Connectivity Solutions with 3 New Converge™ Offerings

Debuting 3 Powerful Outdoor WiFi & LTE Systems, 3 Indoor TetherPoint(™) Routers

Photo of the WiFiRanger Converge outdoor enclosure and logo.

September 23rd, 2019 – Meridian, Idaho – WiFiRanger, the leader in Innovative RV connectivity & control solutions, today announced the availability of multiple roof-top and internal connectivity solutions, filling out their Vehicle Connectivity Integration System VCIS™ strategy with options for all RV markets and vehicle types.

“We’ve heard our OE and aftermarket customers tell us that one size does not fit all styles of RV’s and customers. This new offering extends our solution set, allowing an upgradeable platform spanning from value packed to extreme connectivity.”

Kelly Hogan
CEO & Visionary, WiFiRanger

The new offering includes 3 high performance roof-top platforms dubbed Teton, Denali, and Everest:
The value packed Teton system includes high performance WiFi boosting, with a drop in LTE modem option, positioned at an industry disruptive price point.

Denali extends the outdoor WiFi power capabilities further with 5X the power of competing systems for better range and throughput, built in Cat 4 rooftop Extended range LTE modem with integrated GPS.

The Everest platform is the most capable connectivity solution ever debuted to the industry. Offering outdoor dual chain, 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz high power WiFi, an integrated Cat 6 multi carrier LTE modem, a second slot for an additional LTE modem, USB 3.0 connection for up to Cat 20 LTE & 5G futures, and up to 64GB storage of telemetry data.

All offerings are delivered in the flexible Converge enclosure, and offer simple “tray swap” upgrades allowing owners to improve their systems simply and effectively with no changes to the enclosure. Each system ships with the TetherPoint™ wire harness which facilitates locating an LTE unit conveniently within a vast array of floor plans and easy addition of indoor TetherPoint™ routers to extend capabilities in the future.

Complimenting the outdoor platforms are new indoor TetherPoint™ routers. Matching the outdoors naming theme, the options include Poplar, Aspen, and Sequoia: 

Poplar, the value packed option, includes a powerful 2.4Ghz WiFi radio, while Aspen includes both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz (AC1200 WiFi) broadcast capability.

Sequoia is unmatched, offering high power 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz radios, (AC1200 WiFi) up to 2 additional LTE embedded modems, USB 3.0 port for up to Cat 20 and 5G futures, and a USB 2.0 port for tethering multiple handheld devices.

All three routers include the ability to add an additional built-in LTE modem, SD Card for data collection, and USB 2.0 port to easily tether up to 3 different simultaneous handheld devices for data aggregation. Coupling with an outdoor platform creates a parallel processing connectivity solution unmatched by anything in the industry.

“This initiative was the WiFiRanger team’s opportunity to redefine connectivity for the RV industry, and our team nailed it. They built a flexible, upgradeable, and comprehensive suite of solutions that will appeal to all OE and Aftermarket customers. We’re proud of the progress and looking forward to offering our customers the opportunity to access the highest level of connectivity with proven reputation and features, available at any price point.” Continued Hogan.

Teton and Poplar will begin shipping October 15th, 2019 to aftermarket customers. Denali and Aspen will commence shipments mid-November, and Everest and Sequoia will begin shipping January 1st, 2020. OE customers can reserve volume positions by working with MITO Corporation for model year changes to secure availability.

WiFiRanger products are envisioned, designed & assembled in Meridian Idaho by a team of innovative Americans dedicated to improving RV connectivity. Information and ordering is available directly at and direct inquiries can be eMailed to, or call 208-321-5544. For OE integration through MITO Corporation in Elkhart, Indiana call 574-295-2441.

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WiFiRanger to Offer AT&T Data Plans for RVs

The plans will support mobile hotspots, video streaming

Graphic of the SkyPro LTE Pack by WiFiRanger with AT&T logo.

July 30th, 2019 – Meridian, Idaho –  WiFiRangerTM, the leader in Integrated Vehicle Connectivity Systems,TM will offer AT&T 4G LTE data plans for its pre-installed rooftop antenna systems on Recreational Vehicles. 

The Weekend Adventure plan will offer 5GB of monthly data for $25 per month*. RVers can  choose the Extended Getaway plan with 22GB of monthly data for $90 per month.* This way, users can choose which plan works for their data needs.

“LTE connectivity has become more important than ever to RVers, to stay connected just about anywhere. With AT&T’s national LTE footprint, we will be able to be an increasingly trusted data source for the mobile lifestyles that we enable”

Jim Owsley
VP Marketing & Communications, WiFiRanger

WiFiRangerTM products are assembled and designed in Meridian, Idaho. Information and ordering are available directly at and direct inquiries can be emailed to, or by calling 208-321-5544.

For information regarding RV OE integration of WifiRanger contact MITO Corporation in Elkhart, Indiana, 574-295-2441.

For more information on AT&T data plans go here:

*Taxes and fees may apply; plans are non-transferrable and require the purchase of WiFiRangerTM 

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WiFiRanger Begins OE Shipments Of SkyProLTE V3 With Improved LTE Support

New V3 Iteration of SkyPro LTE delivers Improved LTE Modem, Processor Speed, Integrated GPS Capabilities and new Lower Profile.


July 9th, 2019 – Meridian, Idaho – WiFiRanger, the leader in Innovative RV connectivity & control solutions, today announced the next generation evolution to their popular Sky Pro LTE offerings. The new version, shipping immediately, includes an updated LTE modem that is positioned for faster LTE offerings and transition capabilities as the major carriers begin rolling out new advanced services.

“We’ve been working on V3 for some time, knowing that we had to give our customers a certified LTE modem with additional LTE bands 12, 14, 66, and 71 support. The change is of specific interest to the RV community due to it’s inherit ‘Extended Range LTE’ support, and positions our customers to take advantage of future offerings when they really start to hit the streets by the major carriers, including Band 14, for FirstNet usage by first responders and public safety organizations.”

Kelly Hogan
CEO & Visionary, WiFiRanger

WiFiRanger SkyProLTE release V3 includes other enhancements, including an updated processor offering for faster speeds and data handling, as well as improved firmware release 7.0.8, offering new features for integration with other RV sub-systems including an exposed NMEA-0183 GPS socket. Additionally, the V3 version includes a slightly slimmer outdoor unit, and our renowned “Rubber Leg” PCB mounting system within the outdoor unit, providing additional protection from road harmonics and vibration to the upgraded electronics, and improving longevity and reliability.

“In addition to our improved hardware, our engineering team worked diligently to insure that every aspect of our latest firmware is ready to take full advantage of faster connections in the future, as well as assisting other integration partners with features they need. We’re proud of our teams continuous efforts to improve connectivity for the RV community, and stay ahead of the competition.” Continued Hogan.

Some OE’s will start receiving the SkyProLTE V3 units in late July, and will see no changes in their volume pricing for the improved units.

WiFiRanger products are envisioned, designed & assembled in Meridian Idaho. Retail information and ordering is available directly at and direct inquiries can be eMailed to, or call 208-321-5544.

For information regarding RV OE integration of WifiRanger contact MITO Corporation in Elkhart, Indiana, 574-295-2441.

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WiFiRanger Gives Back to RV Family With Special Needs Child

The Cook Family Will Travel Cross Country in Summer 2019 to Raise Awareness About Their Son’s Genetic Disorder and Will Stay ‘Connected’ With the Help of a WiFiRangerTM

Photo of the back of an RV with the Angelman Syndrome logo and various sponsor logos.

April 2, 2019 – Meridian, Idaho

“Our youngest son [Matthew] was born with a rare genetic disorder called Angelman Syndrome that affects his central nervous system. To help raise awareness about the disorder I’m loading up the family for a cross country trip Summer 2019. Staying connected to the web during our trip is vital so we can update our followers on all our activity & awareness events we’re planning throughout the U.S. trip.  When we reached out to WiFiRanger™ to help keep our travel trailer connected they didn’t hesitate to donate one of their indoor/outdoor router systems + WiFi signal boosters.  Their donation was yet another confirmation that our trip is meant to happen for Matthew and other kids battling Angelman Syndrome.”

Mike Cook
Matthew’s Father

“It’s not often that a story like young Matthew’s will come across my desk. We consider it a privilege to lend a hand and help this family stay connected while on the road. Completing a cross country trip is not for the faint of heart – and it’s especially inspiring when a family like the Cooks can rally the kids to hit the open road for such a worthy cause. We’re cheering them on here at WiFiRanger™ and look forward to hearing of their adventures and accomplishments to help raise awareness about Angelman Syndrome.”

Jim Owsley
VP Marketing & Communications, WiFiRanger

WiFiRanger™ products are designed, tested & assembled in Meridian, Idaho to help travelers enjoy a secure, reliable internet connection from the comfort of their RV.  For more product information visit or call 208-321-5544.