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Announcing New Website & Converge Product Schema

We are excited to announce that our new website has gone live as of March 19th, 2020! The new website seeks to simplify navigation, improve mobile responsiveness, and streamline eCommerce. With the advanced customizability of the Converge product line, a new website was crucial to provide a clear and straightforward explanation of our offerings and prepare us for future innovations.

Key Product Changes

Part of this endeavor has been focused on simplifying our products while increasing customization for those interested in purpose-tailored solutions. In order to accomplish this, the following key changes were made:

  • Included AC Adapter for All Standalone Router & Pack Offerings
  • Made LTE Modem Optional for All Applicable Products
  • Standardized 30ft TetherPoint Cable for All Outdoor Routers & Packs (except Custom Pack)
  • Provided 3 TetherPoint Cable Length Options for Custom Pack (15, 30, 45ft)
  • Offered New Custom Pack for Complete Product Customization

Pricing Adjustments

Our goal is to present a unified and structured Converge product line that is easy for customers to customize and select the ideal products to meet their needs. Due to several changes in package contents, customization options, and production costs, the following pricing adjustments have been made:

Old PriceNew PricePrice Change
Poplar LTE (Category 4)$149.99$180$30.01
Aspen LTE (Category 4)n/a$260
Aspen LTE (Category 6)n/a$310
Teton LTE (Category 4)$219.00$250$31.00
Denali LTE (Category 4)$454.00$450-$4.00
Denali LTE (Category 6)n/a$500
Everest LTE (Category 4)n/a$750
Everest LTE (Category 6)$799.00$800$1.00
Everest 2x LTE (Category 4 & 4)n/a$850
Everest 2x LTE (Category 4 & 6)n/a$900
Everest 2x LTE (Category 6 & 6)n/a$950
Teton Pack$214.00$250$36.00
Denali Pack (Category 4)$544.00$600$56.00
Everest Pack (Category 6)n/a$900
Custom Packn/a$245-1305

Category 4 LTE Modem (entry-level performance) or Category 6 LTE Modem (high-performance)

New eCommerce Experience

We hope that these changes will result in less confusion about our offerings and options, and lead to an increased ability to serve the needs of our customers. Please view the new shop and decide for yourself whether the online shopping experience has been improved: