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COVID-19 Free WiFi Relief Initiative

The pandemic is affecting all of us. As a response, we are creating an opt-in initiative that we hope our customers will see as an opportunity to help each other stay connected, virtually. Internet is now more important than ever for staying in touch with each other and keeping current about the shifting world around us due to social (physical) distancing. However, there is no need to keep ourselves distanced virtually.

The initiative is simple. We created a Profile that can be easily loaded on any WiFiRanger router which enables a guest WiFi network to share internet with those around you. If you desire to enable this option, get on your WiFiRanger Control Panel and click Check for Updates at the top right. It will take about 1 minute for a new profile to be loaded (which will remain inactive unless you enable it yourself). Now go to the Setup tab of your WiFiRanger and load the configuration Profile named COVID-19 RV Response Project. A WiFi signal will broadcast from your WiFiRanger named C-19.FreeWiFi.WiFiRanger which gives out free internet to those around you. The access code wfrcovid19 will display on the welcome page that guests see when they connect to the WiFi network.

Keep in mind that participating in this relief project is entirely voluntary, and no security risk is posed to your computers and devices since the guest network is segregated from your private network. However, data consumption will increase since you will be sharing your internet with those on your guest network. Consider this as a way to give to those around you who are in need. It could very well be their only way to stay connected during this challenging time.