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WiFiRanger Announces KRACK Vulnerability Patch

WiFiRanger has released a hot fix version 7.0.7 of its Phantom Firmware that resolves the WPA2 KRACK vulnerability issue. The firmware update is being tested internally, with availability to the beta group on October 23rd. Waves of downloads will become available for all current product owners beginning on October 26th.

WiFiRanger founder and product visionary, Kelly Hogan, commented: “Upon hearing of the vulnerability and its potential, we redirected all firmware engineering efforts to a resolution as soon as possible. We know that our customers want the most secure network possible, relying upon our efforts to ensure maximum security. We’re pleased that we were able to quickly protect our thousands of customers, securing their RV networks within days of the exploit discovery.”

Existing customers should await until they see the “Update Firmware” link in their Control Panel at the upper right corner, updating while on a solid connection to the Internet.

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WiFiRanger Ships 40,000th Unit to End Customers, Expands Manufacturing Capacity

After 8 years of consisent OE & End Customer Demand, Rapid Adoption Continues

WiFiRanger, the Premier RV Network solution, shipped its 40,000th unit this week, after strong and significant demand from its large customer base. With 30% of all WiFiRangers sold going direct to the aftermarket customer base, and the 70% being installed directly by industry leading coach and towable manufacturers, it is becoming clear that the market expects the rich features and capabilities of the WiFiRanger network solution over all others.

“We’re very pleased with the relationships we’ve established with leading brands of towable and coach units in the RV industry. The change in demographic of the RV market buyer is demanding experience, reputation, and proven results with a WiFi and Cellular tethering system, and WiFiRanger pioneered that technology. We continue to innovate new features for not only the end customer, but for the OE’s themselves, simplifying their technology adoption and usability at the RV level.” explained Kelly Hogan, CEO and Product Visionary, WiFiRanger.

With 40,000 units operating in the field, WiFiRanger gathers better customer feedback and suggestions, allowing them to innovate new and desired capabilities into the product, and work with major manufacturers on implementing needed shop floor tools for the implementation of technology-rich towable and coach offerings.

WiFiRanger has recently quadrupled their manufacturing capacity in their Meridian, Idaho manufacturing facility, and facilitated stocks of available inventory with their Elkhart-based exclusive distributor, MITO Corporation.

“We’ve built up a good supply of our most popular products in Elkhart with MITO so that new OE customers can immediately take advantage of the excellent features and reputation by including a WiFiRanger solution.” Hogan continued.

WiFiRanger offers a spectrum of solutions to the RV market, matching network solutions from small towable’s to class A luxury coaches.

WiFiRanger products, assembled and designed in Meridian, Idaho, are available directly at or for OE integration from their Elkhart, Indiana distributor, MITO Corporation. For more information, direct inquiries can be sent to or call 208-321-5544 or for OE inquiries, call 574-295-2441.

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Embedded LTE Outdoor Cellular Modem Allows Customer Choice of Carriers

WiFiRanger, the leader in RV networking solutions, today announced their latest innovation of embedded LTE modem support within their outdoor Sky product line, including the ability for end consumers to bring their own device, or add the Sky product to their existing cellular plan. Limited units available immediately, with full production in May, this offering allows better reception for the data device, by moving the modem out of the coach or RV, and in clear view of the cellular towers, improving reception and data speeds.

“An issue commonly faced by those with a mobile lifestyle is that other integrated Cellular solutions are often locked into a specific carrier or an overpriced plan, but we are liberating the consumer so they can choose their own carrier, device, and plan.” -Evan Sorenson, Brand Developer, WiFiRanger

For the coach manufacturer market, individual OE’s may select any carrier, including AT&T, Verizon, or any of the other major carriers and WiFiRanger will include the appropriate modem and SIM desired in the industry standard Sky3 or SkyPro product line used on thousands of RVs each year.

“We are proud to be providing RV manufacturers with WiFiRanger products, the absolute best RV networking solutions, now with LTE integration at an amazing price-point.” -Rod Hire, Vice President of Sales, MITO Corporation

For the direct to consumer market, WiFiRanger expanded its SkyPro product line to include their innovative (Your Own Device, Pod) The YODPod is an IP67 rated sealed enclosure within the WiFiRanger SkyPro allowing either the WiFiRanger LTE modem, or the customer’s existing USB cellular device within, granting the advantages of outdoor reception and antennas, and improved speeds, all without another data plan or carrier to contend with.

WiFiRanger has always supported customer USB cellular tethering, including bonding of multiple Internet sources for performance and redundancy. This integration improves capabilities further, by utilizing seamless fail-over and fail-back from the cellular devices to insure continuous connectivity for the RV and its owner, saving precious data automatically.

“Make it simple, make it automatic, make it magic. That’s always been our goal, improving RV internet connectivity in an innovative way. Our latest LTE integration takes these concepts to the next level, providing better performance, consumer choice of carrier, and simple operation for the owner.” -Kelly Hogan, CEO, WiFiRanger

WiFiRanger has also partnered with Millenicom, the leader in affordable Cellular data plans for the mobile lifestyle community, in order to provide customers with a turn-key, no contract WiFi and Cellular solution. The WiFiRanger LTE modem is integrated directly into the SkyPro LTE product with inactive SIM, allowing the end-consumer to activate their own Millenicom account as needed through a simple and easy-to-use web portal.

“Providing great value in Cellular data has always been the aim, and now having outdoor LTE connectivity combined with WiFi makes mobile internet entirely better and more reliable.” – Dennis Castle, Director, Millenicom

Picture of the WiFiRanger YODPod LTE Modem.
WiFiRanger LTE Modem Installed with SIM Slot Exposed for Easy Insertion
Photo of the WiFiRanger YODPod with an AT&T USB modem.
WiFiRanger YODPodTM with Customer-installed Modem
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Saving Money on Cellular Data Plans

Photo of elderly couple surfing the internet on a laptop while outside enjoying a picnic.

Nothing quite motivates like money, especially for those on a limited budget while traveling. As Cellular data costs continue to burden those with a mobile lifestyle, alternative internet sources are being sought out. Free WiFi has been ubiquitous and readily available to most travelers, but unfortunately the signal strength, security, and speeds have been lacking. Until an adequate solution is discovered, travelers find themselves stuck between the high cost of Cellular data or the poor performance of free WiFi.  

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Improving Range with Line of Sight (LoS)

Photo of young woman looking through binoculars to see what is far away.

Wireless transmission is most effective when there is clear, unobstructed line of sight between the receiver and transmitter. In the case of WiFi, all sorts of factors need to be considered in order to improve wireless range, such as avoiding obstacles, minimizing wireless interference, and having the best wireless equipment for maximum range. In this article, we will focus on perhaps the most critical component to maximizing wireless range with what you have— Line of Sight (LoS). 

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Understanding Internet Security Threats

Photo of businessman with his face held in his hands in frustration and fear of digital security problems.

Internet security is a highly important topic. Security breaches can leave credit cards, bank accounts, or even your identity at risk. Those with a mobile lifestyle experience even more security threats than typical internet users. As such, it is vital to understand key security issues and protect yourself.

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7.0.6 Firmware Released

Based on feedback and thorough testing by our dedicated BETA group, we’ve released 7.0.6 Firmware which improves overall performance and stability from 7.0.3 firmware. This release is also intended to optimize performance on legacy products, and it will be the final firmware version for the following end-of-life WiFiRanger products:

  • Home / Pro
  • Go
  • X
  • Mobile
  • MobileTi
  • Marine

7.0.6 Changelog:

  • Improved Multi-WAN Performance & Bug Fixes
  • Improved WFRControl Performance & Bug Fixes
  • Improved Status Messaging Accuracy & Consistency
  • Improved USB Cellular Tethering Reliability
  • Improved Overall Performance & Optimization
  • Improved Performance for Legacy Products 
  • Fixed Automatic Speedtest Bug
  • Fixed Sky2 WiFi Connection Bug
  • Fixed Power-cycle Factory Reset Bug
  • Added DNS Fallback Feature (automatically resolves DNS issues better) 
  • Added True OPEN Guest Network Feature (no passcode makes it fully OPEN)
  • Added Core, GoAC, SkyPro, & EliteAC Support (added wireless 802.11ac support)
  • Added Several Modems to Supported List
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7.0.3 Firmware Released

Based on feedback and thorough testing by our dedicated BETA group, we’ve released 7.0.3 Firmware which improves overall performance and stability from 7.0.2 firmware.

7.0.3 Changelog:

  • Multi-WAN Improvements
  • WFRControl Improvements
  • Increased WiFi Throughput Speeds
  • Added Several Modems to Supported List
  • Overall Performance & Reliability Improvements