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Stay Online Almost Anywhere

WiFiRangerTM helps make the Internet better for RVers.
It starts with being able to reach otherwise weak WiFi or Cellular signals when traveling.
It's why come to work everyday with a passion for blending hardware & software that delivers... for YOU.



WiFiRanger WiFi Boosting

Boosted WiFi

Find 4-10x WiFi Networks

WiFiRanger boosts weak WiFi from up to two miles away. Overcome the challenges with line of sight using our rooftop mounted outdoor WiFi receivers.



WiFiRanger Bonded Internet

Load Balancing

Tune your internet connection for a better online experience

WiFiRanger connects multiple internet sources together in a true Wide Area Network (WAN) with the ability to manually adjust load balance between WiFi and Cellular. 



WiFiRanger Automated Failover

Automated Failover

Reconnects After Going Offline

WiFiRanger reconnects automatically if the internet goes down. Stop wasting time shuffling all your computers and devices around when the internet goes down. 




Connect All Computers and Devices

We want you to be able to use it all, whether you have a couple devices or dozens! Our products are complete network solutions, providing the capabilities to easily connect everything. WiFiRanger products interconnect everything through an indoor router equipped with omnidirectional wireless AC antennas for WiFi devices and Ethernet LAN ports for hardwired devices. There's no longer any reason to pick and choose which devices to put online. Now put everything online at the same time.

CP all devices



WiFiRanger Interconnecting Devices

Interconnect Everything

Hook Up All Your Favorite Devices

WiFiRanger interconnects everything with WiFi and Ethernet ports for laptops, tablets, Smart TVs, gaming consoles, printers, and more.



WiFiRanger One Time Login

One-time Login

Save Time and Simplify Changing Locations

WiFiRanger logs into public WiFi for all devices at the same time, so there is no longer a need to waste time authenticating each device.



WiFiRanger Bandwidth Management

Bandwidth Management

Keep Tabs on Users and Control Data Limits

WiFiRanger manages data usage and speeds for each device if desired, allowing for automated parental control and data plan conservation.




Remain Safe and Sane

We know, RV internet has been plagued with problems and security issues that make us all want to pull our hair out, but that can all be in the past by using our secure and user-friendly products. WiFiRanger products have advanced and robust security protocols to keep you safe, even on public networks. Our proprietary SafeSurfTM feature encrypts all data and is an excellent way to keep your identity and credit cards safe when using otherwise unsecured networks.

safe sane



WiFiRanger Robust Security

Robust Security

Secure WiFi and Safe Browsing Mode

WiFiRanger secures your network with WPA2 encryption, firewall, and SafeSurfTM which allows using public networks securely.



WiFiRanger Simple Interface

Simple Interface

Enough of Those Confusing Products

WiFiRanger simplifies RV internet and networking with their intuitive and user-friendly products. Save time and eliminate frustration using our products.



WiFiRanger Bandwidth Management

Excellent Support

Get in Touch with Knowledgeable Americans

WiFiRanger supports their customers with great training resources and excellent U.S.-based tech support. Enjoy friendly phone or email support.




Trust Only the Most Rugged

WiFiRanger Sky rooftop enclosures are IP67 rated and Converge Fin enclosures are IP66 rated. They also love the sun, with UV-stabilized materials that stand up to the harshest environmental conditions. Have confidence in only the toughest and most durable outdoor WiFi products on the market, backed by excellent warranties. Invest in the tried and true RV WiFi products that will last the longest under the harsh outdoor conditions of the rooftop environment.

WiFiRanger Robust Outdoor Routers



WiFiRanger IP67 Waterproofing

IP66 & IP67 Rated

Sky model line-up Fully Immersible

WiFiRanger outdoor units are heavily tested and proven to hold up to harsh outdoor conditions. Water is no exception with Converge models rated at IP66 and Sky models at IP67.



WiFiRanger UV-Stabilized Materials

UV-stabilized Materials

Endure the Harsh Rooftop Environment

WiFiRanger outdoor units can withstand the harsh Ultraviolet rays of the sun. Snowbirds will be most pleased.



WiFiRanger Excellent Warranty

Excellent Warranties

Choose a Company that Stands Behind Their Products

WiFiRanger products are backed by top-notch hardware and firmware guarantees, ranging from 1 to 3 years long.