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Company Characteristics

Mobile Focused


WiFiRanger started due to the special connectivity requirements of the RV industry and has maintained its original mobile development focus.

Field Proven


WiFiRanger is proven to be an effective and reliable brand of connectivity solutions for the RV industry with over a decade of market success.

Highly Innovative


WiFiRanger continues to push the boundaries of what is thought of as possible regarding mobile connectivity and networking.

Driving. Towing. Camping.

How our founder saw the need for WiFiRanger

Telling the story of how WiFiRanger began requires looking back long before the Idaho-based company’s innovative inception. Our founder saw the need for WiFi solutions based on his real-world experience as an RVer. Kelly was hitting the road continually. Towing his 23′ Airstream International trailer as he crisscrossed North America, meeting with RV Park owners and installing high-tech WiFi systems for his second startup business venture, NomadISP. Kelly’s nimble company was doing what all RV Parks need, providing excellent WiFi coverage for all guests.

Photo of Kelly Hogan's 23 foot long International Airstream with the WiFiRanger logo across the side.
Kelly’s 23′ Airstream International with over 350,000 miles from his travels

Security. Simplicity. Automation.

How our history in RV Park WiFi set the stage for WiFiRanger

The above three characteristics were the mantra of NomadISP. Not only was the company growing one of the most reliable and user-friendly WiFi networks on the continent, but it was also innovating. The wireless equipment and firmware used by NomadISP was of its own invention. Kelly strove for his creative company to make their products foolproof with best-in-class security, simplicity, and automation.

After over a decade in the industry, Kelly decided to sell NomadISP to its leading competitor. This was the beginning of WiFiRanger.

Prepared with all the understanding of how wireless works, and how many RV Park owners are unwilling to pay for a quality WiFi system for their guests, Kelly saw his next business opportunity. Knowing the challenges that RVers faced, Kelly set out to make the most simple, secure, and automatic WiFi solutions for the mobile lifestyle. After years of approaching connectivity from the RV Park side, now it was time to create the product for the end-user. Using his immense professional experience in the RV WiFi industry coupled with an avid love of RVing, Kelly made what was once impossible— staying connected while traveling —easy and quite simple.

The first WiFiRanger router was sold back in November of 2010 and WiFiRanger has since continued to flourish, as its innovative and ingenious solutions speak directly to the issues experienced on a daily basis by those with a mobile lifestyle. Now the brand is known by technology experts and bloggers in the mobile lifestyle to offer the most premier and user-friendly connectivity solutions.

Innovation. Agility. Awards.

How our company leads the industry with premier solutions

Everyone at WiFiRanger works hard to create and support the most advanced yet easy-to-use wireless products for those with a mobile lifestyle. In acknowledgment of the innovative spirit and success of the WiFiRanger team, our company and products have received recognition from various award committees.

WiFiRanger has been a strong brand and company since 2010 with 135,000+ units in the field. 

Logo of the Idaho Innovation Awards since WiFiRanger was a nominee for Company of the Year in 2011.
WiFiRanger was Nominee for Innovative Company of 2011
Logo of the 2019 Rise Awards since WiFiRanger was a finalist for product of the year with the Sky4.
Sky4 Pack LTE was Finalist for 2019 Rise Awards

August 14th, 2020


Read press release here.

Winegard Company acquires WiFiRanger.

Winegard Acquisition Questions

The acquisition of WiFiRanger by Winegard Company occurred on August 14th, 2020. WiFiRanger is now solely owned by Winegard, making it “A Winegard Company.” The WiFiRanger development and manufacturing is still operating in Idaho, yet a deep sense of collaboration and interdependence exists.

Prior to the acquisition, the leadership of both companies shared similar visions for the mobile connectivity industries and future innovations. Various synergies and complementary strengths also existed between Winegard and WiFiRanger. Because of these aspects, the acquisition was the natural path forward for improved market development.

The synergistic and collaborative approach of Winegard and WiFiRanger will result in greater innovation and market penetration. The current era of connectivity and communication requires continual advancement. Now with Winegard and WiFiRanger united, new solutions and improvements on existing products will be rapidly and judiciously pursued. Both platforms will see improvements in features and performance.

No, WiFiRanger and Winegard are not in competition with each other. Rather, both brands collaborate and work to provide ideal solutions for customers. The competitive energy of both brands is now directed at all other connectivity brands in the same markets. Both Winegard and WiFiRanger brands share the same team, values, and mission. Currently, just the products, features, and data plans remain unique to match diverse customer needs. This acquisition has further solidified the comprehensiveness of the Winegard and WiFiRanger connectivity product suite.

Currently there are no planned changes to aftermarket fulfillment of WiFiRanger products purchased at However, there will be changes in OEM or Dealer distribution. Both Winegard and WiFiRanger are proactively handling these logistics and communications to ensure a smooth transition for OEM and Dealer customers.

Currently customer service will not change in approach or contact methods. In order to receive assistance, contact the appropriate support team for your particular product(s). WiFiRanger and Winegard support are still separate and independent from each other. This may change in the future, but not until sufficient cross-training has occurred.

Depending on the products in question, there may be an appropriate network configuration to interconnect Converge and Connect products. However, it is recommended to contact customer service for specifics of product operation and cross-compatibility.


Contact Hours

Mountain Standard Time (MST) / GMT -7

Monday – Friday: 8am – 5:30pm
Weekends: Closed (email contact only as available)

Contact Info

Note: WiFiRanger and Winegard Support are still handled separately after the merger (contact the appropriate support line for assistance)

Phone: 208.321.5544
Mailing Address: 12555 W Franklin Road, Boise, ID 83709

We are not setup for in-person support visits or sales at our office. Please use our online shop, phone, email, or mailing address to handle interactions.


WiFiRanger is now a Winegard Company. This means we can produce innovative, life-style enhancing solutions for the RV market on an even larger scale.

WiFiRanger products are available only from select vehicle manufacturers (pre-installed) and online at


Thank you to our OEM customers!


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Customer Testimonials

WiFiRanger is built on some of the best most powerful hardware available for consumer use. Normally setting up such flexible hardware would be a nightmare but the team at WiFiRanger has masked all of the complexity. Its built for the RV or Boat enthusiast, not the network nerd. We have enjoyed load balancing with multiple connection types so nobody has to deal with slow campground wifi. I am able to plug my AT&T hotspot into the usb port and share that data connection along with anything else I can connect to.

I have tried to save a few bucks and build my own solutions, but in the end my family needed something that everyone could manage if I wasn’t there. There is no room for DIY when someone can’t get connected for homework, iptv, banking, or Netflix.

John A
February 28, 2018

After spending a year or so trying to figure out how to network our coach and bring in something consistent and reliable that my wife did not have to understand configurations and worry about settings, etc. We purchased a WiFiRanger, cellular modem, Weboost and a 16 port linksys router. I ran 4 cat 7 cables to the front, 3 to the bedroom and 2 to the basement entertainment area. Mounted all equipment mid ship. Prior to this, we had little to no cell or camp WiFi in the coach and minimal cell outside the coach.

We have playon for tv service, mostly free. We now have a reliable wireless and wired network inside and outside the RV. All of our Tv, are hardwired, our Roku’s are hard wired, hard wired Mac mini, hard wired laptop and space to expand. We download and record 16 hours of movies a day and surf the web from anywhere around the coach. I can controll connectivity to each device to allow for faster speeds during peak times. We have unlimited cellular which is throttled at 25gb and use that typically in the first week. Sorry for rambling, granted most of our connectivity is cellular, we had no camp WiFi due to distance and now we have strong feeds from the ranger when it’s available.

The biggest hurdle for me was the cost of the WiFiRanger, not that it was that expensive but wondering if it was worth it. There are other options to include homegrown, I am glad I spent the money for this setup. The WiFiRanger is a package deal and comes with unique features that I would not have been able to do on my own. This system has been flawless for the most part. For one reason or another we’ve had only three occasions where something was stuck, all my wife has to is reset turn off the surge protector and turn it back on to reset the system and it’s back to normal. Customer support has been just as great as our new continuous connectivity. The package deal was worth every penny to me, glad I did it, WiFiRanger has pretty much given us back the connectivity we had in our sticks and brick but without the sticks and brick.

Anthony S (LookAtUsNow)
November 29, 2017

Response to support issues, logging a ticket has been excellent – I really appreciate getting on shore, here in the USA technical support directly from the source! It does take a willingness to learn how to maximize WiFi, and cellular – the YouTube learning videos have been an essential for me to get up to speed with just how functionally rich this mobility system is. I have successfully, and confidently relied on the performance and reliability of load balancing WiFi antennas, and cellular aircard – for my implementation, the go2 router, and elite are an excellent mobility solution. The only issue I had is with the install – that with my 39′ length 5th rig, the length the cable from outside antenna to the POE connect on the Go2 at 30′ made it more challenging with cable routing, and Go2 router placement. Meaning, it would have been great to have another 10′ in length to a total of 40′.

Wil Ladewig
January 16, 2017

Fabulous service! WiFiRanger was quick to respond to questions concerning the best product to purchase, all technical questions before and after purchase. I found the setup easy. Tested in driveway connecting to home internet wi-fi router and got excellent reception where I never even saw the network outside the home before! Looking forward to better internet coverage on our next trip. Thanks WiFiRanger!

November 9, 2016

Just installed the Wifiranger Elite pack (it was an easy install and setup) on my Blue Ridge 5er and WOW what a difference it makes. We are a couple hundred yards from the working access point and have five bars, plus the WiFi list has tripled to what my computer was picking up and struggled to connect if at all. Now it is not an issue. I have the Elite mounted on a mast that is 14′ above the roof of the 5er and right at 25′ off the ground. What an awesome product and should come standard equipment with any RV.

Brian Doty
April 19, 2016

I wanted to say thank you for the terrific customer service. Evan spent an hour with me on the phone helping me configure my system and working out some network issues with my laptop that were causing me to not be able to connect to the control panel and internet. 

Chris Lucchesi
February 15, 2016

I wanted to send you this to let you know that we are the very proud new owners of the WifiRanger Elite Pack. After the installation and setup my daughter is now watching one of her favorite shows on Netflix. This is only after connecting to a public wifi connection that we could not even see on our
computers, cell phones, etc. This is absolutely a great product and we appreciate it very much.

Jason Thomas
July 17, 2015

I Downloaded and installed the new firmware 7.0 Phantom Firmware. What a difference with all these added features. Great job to the designers/programmers for this newest upgrade. Wish I had a second WiFiRanger now to have some additional fun.

February 8, 2015

I decided to upgrade from the Mobile T to the XT Antenna Upgrade. What a difference in reception. Previously I had 5 to 10 available sites to connect to here in Quartzsite, AZ Now with the XT Antenna Upgrade I have 62 networks. Several of the sites are over a mile away and give me 5 bars of reception. This is a great option for an RV to upgrade to.

Bryan Moore
January 12, 2015

We’ve been full-timing for some time now with over 12,000 miles on our Palazzo 33.3 diesel pusher and tow vehicle – and with WiFiRanger!

We mounted the Ranger in the top left corner of the passenger side window area to give us the most exposure to signals without having to use an outside type mount. It works great, picking up many signals that our devices (all 12 of them!) many times would not be able to receive. I love the software options, as you can set it to scan for either the BEST signal, the first OPEN signal, or even just your PREFERRED favorite wifi signal that you already know about. Once you get to know it, it works just as advertised, and the kids love it too because it gives them a ‘shared’ wifi signal (router) that allows them to ‘play each other’ on web-based games.

H Turner Family
November 21, 2014

I have been a WiFiRanger customer for many years. It has worked as promised all these years. 

Bryan Moore
November 21, 2014

We received a WiFi Ranger as a door prize at Escapade last spring. We used it for a few days at the fairground and liked it, but it was not much of a test. I did a permanent installation over the summer, but the RV has been in the barn since spring. We are now in Arizona for the winter, the WiFi Ranger has performed flawlessly at four different RV parks and we are really happy with it. In the park where we spend the winter connecting to the WiFi signal can be difficult. We were able to connect using Bear Extenders in the past, but the WiFi Ranger is WAY better. Add the fact that we can connect our phones makes it is the best WiFi set-up we have had yet. Thanks again for the great door prize! 

Dennis Murphy & Nancy Beck
November 21, 2014

I purchased the WiFiRanger, and now that it’s working properly, I am very pleased with the product. When I had some problems with the WiFiRanger, I called tech support and was very lucky that Christian Cagney was the tech that returned my call. I feel he took exceptional steps to assist me. He was polite and very patient with me. I was confused and he took time to repeat his instructions and never showed any frustrations with answering my questions. He definitely knows the product. Great product, even better tech support!

Robert Barrow
August 21, 2014

Purchased and installed a WiFiRanger on my vintage Airstream last summer in anticipation of beginning a fulltime RV lifestyle. My wife and I could not be more pleased with the performance and support. While camped at the furthest-most campsite from the access point at one campground, we were able to experience reliable wifi while our neighbors could not. We have also found while traveling, that the WiFiRanger connects to the fastest available wifi signal before we even attempt to use it, making it something we just don’t think about anymore. Highly recommended. 

Lou Axt
January 16, 2014