Can a Converge router be installed outside without additional weather protection?

Yes. All WiFiRanger outdoor routers are designed to survive the same environment as your vehicle. All are waterproof (IP66) when installed properly, UV-resistant, resistant to vibration, and can survive the temperatures to which your vehicle will be exposed. Of course while a Converge outdoor router is weather-resistant, any drilled holes or routes for cabling must be properly sealed on the vehicle exterior. This prevents any water leakage due to improper installation.

How can I use WiFi primarily but also have Cellular as an automatic backup?

WiFiRanger’s Multi-WAN features allow a user to connect to multiple internet sources at the same time. Several MultiWAN operating modes are user-selectable and each offers different features. For example, in Hot Standby mode, one internet connection is active with anoter acting as an instantaneous backup for the active connection. Even multiple backup connections can be setup and prioritized using Hot Standby mode. If service on your active connection is dropped your WiFiRanger will shift to the next alternate connection with internet available. In Load Balance mode, the WiFiRanger will utilize all connected internet connections and, on a moment-by-moment basis, will switch from one to another as the speed of the connections varies. The Load Balance mode is very popular with our customers since it provides increased throughput in some circumstances (when multiple internet streams are active) and increases internet reliability by using multiple internet sources simultaneously.

Can a WiFiRanger improve security on public WiFi?

Yes. There are two aspects of security when dealing with public WiFi. The first has to do with the security of your data going from your laptop or tablet to your own WiFi router. Then there’s the security of the data going from your router to the WiFi access point.  With regard to the first part of the security issue, WiFiRanger products are designed to utilize state-of-the-art security protocols (called WPA2 and WPA3) to encrypt and protect the information on the internal network created between your devices and the WiFiRanger. As for the connection to the park’s WiFi, even if the park doesn’t have an encrypted network, a WiFiRanger can protect you by creating a Virtual Private Network (VPN) between your WiFiRanger and the WiFiRanger servers in Idaho. We call this capability SafeSurf and, unlike commercial VPN services, this one doesn’t cost you a penny to purchase or use.

Can I use my existing SIM card with a WiFiRanger integrated LTE modem?

WiFiRanger routers with integrated modems are certified for use on the AT&T and T-Mobile networks. Verizon certification is in process. If your SIM is already activated on either the AT&T or T-Mobile networks and are on a hotspot data plan, it likely that it will work when inserted into an integrated WiFiRanger LTE modem. However, WiFiRanger does not guarantee that any user-provided SIMs and plans will work in its products. WiFiRanger does market data plans from both AT&T and Millenicom (T-Mobile) that are certified and guaranteed to work with integrated WiFiRanger LTE modems. Learn more about these plans here.

Can a WiFiRanger help me control and limit Cellular data usage to avoid overages?

WiFiRanger devices can track LTE usage by each device in your network and can create rules to control data usage for each device. Rules can be as simple as turning off the children’s devices at bedtime or limiting the data speeds or total usage of different devices. For example, you can create rules to limit the data usage of your Roku, FireStick, or SmartTV to control data usage while streaming. Usage tracking also allows you to track and control the amount of data downloaded and uploaded through any of your internet connections.

Does WiFiRanger provide firmware updates for free?

WiFiRanger provides free firmware updates for its products. Updates continue for as long as your device can effectively use the firmware upgrade. At some point, all hardware will become obsolescent due to technology advancement. Past that point no further updates would be provided because the device’s hardware would not be able to support them effectively. Most WiFiRanger routers have received firmware updates for several years before obsolescence, and the firmware version they are locked to still provides more functionality and stability than at the original time of purchase.

Does WiFiRanger support Mac OS or other operating systems?

Yes. Because WiFiRanger devices utilize a browser-based control panel, they will work with any device that can support a standard internet browser including computers running the Apple, Android, Windows, or Linux operating systems. Both desktop and mobile devices and operating systems are supported.

Do I have to install any software on my computer for a WiFiRanger to operate?

No. WiFiRanger routers utilize a browser-based control panel that can be accessed using any internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc). No software needs to be installed on your computer. The WiFiRanger control panel can easily be accessed from a laptop, smartphone, tablet, or desktop.