Will customer service change?

Currently customer service will not change in approach or contact methods. In order to receive assistance, contact the appropriate support team for your particular product(s). WiFiRanger and Winegard support are still separate and independent from each other. This may change in the future, but not until sufficient cross-training has occurred.

Will distribution change?

Currently there are no planned changes to aftermarket fulfillment of WiFiRanger products purchased at wifiranger.com/shop. However, there will be changes in OEM or Dealer distribution. Both Winegard and WiFiRanger are proactively handling these logistics and communications to ensure a smooth transition for OEM and Dealer customers.

Are both brands in competition with each other?

No, WiFiRanger and Winegard are not in competition with each other. Rather, both brands collaborate and work to provide ideal solutions for customers. The competitive energy of both brands is now directed at all other connectivity brands in the same markets. Both Winegard and WiFiRanger brands share the same team, values, and mission. Currently, just the products, features, and data plans remain unique to match diverse customer needs. This acquisition has further solidified the comprehensiveness of the Winegard and WiFiRanger connectivity product suite.

How will this acquisition benefit the market?

The synergistic and collaborative approach of Winegard and WiFiRanger will result in greater innovation and market penetration. The current era of connectivity and communication requires continual advancement. Now with Winegard and WiFiRanger united, new solutions and improvements on existing products will be rapidly and judiciously pursued. Both platforms will see improvements in features and performance.

What was the rationale for the acquisition?

Prior to the acquisition, the leadership of both companies shared similar visions for the mobile connectivity industries and future innovations. Various synergies and complementary strengths also existed between Winegard and WiFiRanger. Because of these aspects, the acquisition was the natural path forward for improved market development.

What is the nature of the acquisition?

The acquisition of WiFiRanger by Winegard Company occurred on August 14th, 2020. WiFiRanger is now solely owned by Winegard, making it “A Winegard Company.” The WiFiRanger development and manufacturing is still operating in Idaho, yet a deep sense of collaboration and interdependence exists.

Why does my computer or device disconnect from the WiFiRanger for 15-30 seconds?

When the WiFiRanger connects to a WiFi network, it must temporarily stop broadcasting in order to establish the connection to the access point. This is normal operation. The drop in connection can be identified when a computer or device disconnects from the WiFiRanger WiFi broadcast. This occurs a few seconds after clicking Connect onto a network from the Main tab of the Control Panel. Expect the WiFiRanger broadcast to disappear for 15-30 seconds while it is establishing a connection to the access point. After this is accomplished, the WiFiRanger should start broadcasting to your computers and devices again. Be sure to reconnect your computers and devices back to the WiFiRanger broadcast if they do not automatically do so.

Can I use a third-party router or network device with a WiFiRanger router?

We cannot guarantee that any specific configuration of WiFiRanger and non-WiFiRanger hardware will work as desired. However, many technically proficient WiFiRanger customers have constructed custom configurations that do work well. For example, a third-party router could be setup in Bridge mode to work in conjunction with a WiFiRanger router. Although WiFiRanger staff cannot provide assistance with non-WiFiRanger hardware, we will provide guidance with respect to the appropriate settings for our products.

Although it is unlikely that using a WiFiRanger in a custom network configuration will result in damage to the device, if such damage does occur, through power overloading or similar misuse, such damage would not be covered by WiFiRanger’s warranty. 

Can the WiFiRanger work on public WiFi with captive portals?

There are various terms used to describe public WiFi networks that require additional login steps through a web browser: captive portal, splash page, filtered network, etc. These public WiFi networks often require the user to agree to terms and conditions and/or enter a room or site number. Hotels, RV Parks, and numerous other public WiFi providers use captive portals to improve security and ensure that only validated guests use the network. WiFiRanger routers have been designed to easily deal with such situations. As the WiFiRanger connects to such WiFi systems, the onscreen control panel will alert the user that a login page has been detected, providing a link for the WiFiRanger user to click in order to be directed to the splash page. Once authenticated through this page, the WiFiRanger will be online via the filtered WiFi network. Devices connected to the WiFiRanger which otherwise could not use captive portals will also be online (Smart TVs, gaming consoles, internet-enabled printers, streaming boxes, etc). Not all mobile routers or devices support this kind of functionality, which sets WiFiRangers apart since they support captive portals.