How can I use WiFi primarily but also have Cellular as an automatic backup?

WiFiRanger’s Multi-WAN features allow a user to connect to multiple internet sources at the same time. Several MultiWAN operating modes are user-selectable and each offers different features. For example, in Hot Standby mode, one internet connection is active with anoter acting as an instantaneous backup for the active connection. Even multiple backup connections can be setup and prioritized using Hot Standby mode. If service on your active connection is dropped your WiFiRanger will shift to the next alternate connection with internet available. In Load Balance mode, the WiFiRanger will utilize all connected internet connections and, on a moment-by-moment basis, will switch from one to another as the speed of the connections varies. The Load Balance mode is very popular with our customers since it provides increased throughput in some circumstances (when multiple internet streams are active) and increases internet reliability by using multiple internet sources simultaneously.