How can a WiFiRanger help us stay connected if we are weekend vacationers?

If you’re like most modern families, you probably have a lot of WiFi-enabled devices in your RV.  Laptops, tablets, Firesticks, Apple TV, Rokus, smart TVs, smartphones, and more, all need internet connections provided by either a campground WiFi network or your own cellular hotspot. That’s a lot of “stuff” to connect each time when you go to a new campground. With a WiFiRanger all it takes is a single keystroke to switch ALL your devices from your hotspot to a park’s WiFi. Furthermore, since quite a few campgrounds limit the number of devices that can connect to their WiFi system, the value of using a WiFiRanger to connect is that the campground’s network will only see one device (the WiFiRanger itself) and not all your other devices running behind it. A WiFiRanger can, by default, handle 200 devices logged into your network. If you have more than that number of devices in your RV you might need a tractor-trailer but your WiFiRanger can easily be programmed to include them on its network, also!