How can a WiFiRanger help if we rarely use public WiFi and rely primarily on Cellular internet?

Even if you primarily use your cellular hotspot and rarely use campground WiFi, there are lots of ways a WiFiRanger could improve your camping experience. For example, if you’re like many full-time RVers, you may have hotspots for more than one cellular carrier (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Millenicon, Sprint, etc.) and may need to swap back and forth to obtain the best connection. Or you might need to switch hotspot devices during the month to spread your data usage across more than one plan. Or maybe you’re staying at one of the increasingly large number of RV parks that does provide good WiFi service. In all these cases, having your network devices all connected to a WiFiRanger means that your entire network can be switched from one internet connection to another without having to enter passwords in each device. This saves time and alleviates a lot of hassle.