Can the WiFiRanger work on public WiFi with captive portals?

There are various terms used to describe public WiFi networks that require additional login steps through a web browser: captive portal, splash page, filtered network, etc. These public WiFi networks often require the user to agree to terms and conditions and/or enter a room or site number. Hotels, RV Parks, and numerous other public WiFi providers use captive portals to improve security and ensure that only validated guests use the network. WiFiRanger routers have been designed to easily deal with such situations. As the WiFiRanger connects to such WiFi systems, the onscreen control panel will alert the user that a login page has been detected, providing a link for the WiFiRanger user to click in order to be directed to the splash page. Once authenticated through this page, the WiFiRanger will be online via the filtered WiFi network. Devices connected to the WiFiRanger which otherwise could not use captive portals will also be online (Smart TVs, gaming consoles, internet-enabled printers, streaming boxes, etc). Not all mobile routers or devices support this kind of functionality, which sets WiFiRangers apart since they support captive portals.