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WiFiRanger Announces Enhancements to SafeSurf™ VPN

Enhancing RV Device Security With Latest Firewall and Artificial Intelligence Tools

December 6th, 2018 – Meridian, Idaho – WiFiRanger, the leader in Innovative RV connectivity solutions, today announced upgrades to their renowned SafeSurf™ VPN system embedded in every WiFiRanger, improving security and safety of using transitory data services commonly used by the RV industry. The service will dramatically increase connectivity security by implementing Stateful Packet Inspection, Malware Interrogation, and introduce AI and Machine Learning Technologies to identify potential threats prior to the data being delivered to the customer.

“As an ISP, and an RV router company, we understand the constant and pervasive threat to users of the Internet. Inserting Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in the data delivery path is the best way to stay ahead of future threats. While other RV connectivity solutions are still struggling with security issues, our latest initiative is to build upon our already solid security infrastructure, improving our SafeSurf(™) users confidence that there is another level of inspection being done to protect their identity, data, and internal devices.”

Kelly Hogan
CEO & Visionary, WiFiRanger

The enhancement will be entirely provisioned at the WiFiRanger Data Center, located within their corporate headquarters in Meridian, Idaho, using some of the most robust and current hardware and AI tools. Users of SafeSurf(™) will automatically be routed through the interrogation system, and threats and compromise data will be stopped prior to being delivered to the in-field WiFiRanger, regardless of the connection type. A free and automatic upgrade to WiFiRangers will be provided as the service rolls out in volume to their 100,000+ customers.

“As we see RV customers installing more & more off-the-shelf IoT devices (e.g. “Smart” thermostats, pet feeders, doorbells, etc.) that lack firewalls and data inspection, we went to work ensuring data delivered to those devices stays encrypted and inspected for injections of malware that could compromise the customers devices and private network. Regardless of whether connected via WiFi, or LTE, all device connections need to be interrogated for veracity, due to the fact that zero-day future compromises can come from within the weakest device in a private network.” Continued Hogan.

The upgrades to the data center and service are underway, with external beta users beginning in Q1 of CY2019, and all current WiFIRanger customers using SafeSurf™ being routed through the new system as the AI models mature and are proven for reliability and consistency.

WiFiRanger products are envisioned, designed & assembled in Meridian Idaho. Information and ordering is available directly at and direct inquiries can be eMailed to, or call 208-321-5544.