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Saving Money on Cellular Data Plans

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Nothing quite motivates like money, especially for those on a limited budget while traveling. As Cellular data costs continue to burden those with a mobile lifestyle, alternative internet sources are being sought out. Free WiFi has been ubiquitous and readily available to most travelers, but unfortunately the signal strength, security, and speeds have been lacking. Until an adequate solution is discovered, travelers find themselves stuck between the high cost of Cellular data or the poor performance of free WiFi.  

It’s the Internet Era

Now even RVers rely on the internet in order to live a mobile lifestyle. Whether paying bills, researching routes, or enjoying entertainment, RV enthusiasts require high quality internet connectivity. In this day and age, the average home consumes at least 78GB* of data per month, and RVers desire that their mobile internet experience matches that of home. However, this proves to be quite challenging as many RV parks have poor WiFi coverage, and Cellular data is an extremely expensive alternative to the often free available WiFi Hotspots.

No longer is RVing considered merely what the family may do on the weekend to get away from it all. Full-time RVing is on the rise, with both retirees and young professionals hitting the road, looking for a new lifestyle of adventure and freedom. Any full-time RVer needs quality internet to maintain their lifestyle or fulfill internet-based work that funds their adventure. We at WiFiRanger recognize this trend, and understand that those who aren’t merely getting away for the weekend need dependable and affordable internet. 


High Cost of Cellular Data 

With the high monthly data demands of typical RVers, the right internet solution must remain cost effective. The average cost of a Gigabyte of Cellular data** is $5, making it a poor solution to solely rely upon for those with a mobile lifestyle. Paying $400 per month to have the necessary data to match a home internet experience is completely unrealistic. As such, RVers are really cutting back and are very dissatisfied with their internet experience. This may even be a cause to keep those who must work while on the road from entering the RV market.


Saving Money by Combining WiFi & Cellular

Another drawback to relying solely on Cellular data is the simple problem of availability. The nomadic lifestyle often delves into rural locations that are far from any Cellular towers. By diversifying your internet options, you will have more success at staying online during your travels. With both boosted WiFi and Cellular available, not only will the cost of the data itself be more affordable, but the cost of not having any connectivity will also be reduced.

The solution to this challenging paradigm is not to choose either WiFi or Cellular, but rather is to choose both internet sources. WiFiRanger products boost the weak WiFi signals of free Hotspots in the area so that RVers can rely on free internet mostly, and then use Cellular as a backup only when really necessary. This combination saves the RVer money and ensures they have internet connectivity at most locations. WiFiRanger products uniquely improve WiFi connectivity while also providing Cellular USB tethering, with the customer using their own device.

Get WiFi When Others Cannot

Although you may be skeptical due to past poor experiences using public WiFi, the simple fact is that a WiFiRanger dramatically improves WiFi connectivity. Don’t take it from us, read what Lou said about his experience which is echoed by thousands of other happy customers!

“I installed a WiFiRanger on my vintage Airstream in anticipation of beginning a full-time RV lifestyle. My wife and I could not be more pleased with the performance and support. While camped at the furthermost campsite from the access point at one campground, we were able to experience reliable WiFi while our neighbors could not. Highly recommended.”

Lou Axt — WiFiRanger Customer