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7.0.6 Firmware Released

Based on feedback and thorough testing by our dedicated BETA group, we’ve released 7.0.6 Firmware which improves overall performance and stability from 7.0.3 firmware. This release is also intended to optimize performance on legacy products, and it will be the final firmware version for the following end-of-life WiFiRanger products:

  • Home / Pro
  • Go
  • X
  • Mobile
  • MobileTi
  • Marine

7.0.6 Changelog:

  • Improved Multi-WAN Performance & Bug Fixes
  • Improved WFRControl Performance & Bug Fixes
  • Improved Status Messaging Accuracy & Consistency
  • Improved USB Cellular Tethering Reliability
  • Improved Overall Performance & Optimization
  • Improved Performance for Legacy Products 
  • Fixed Automatic Speedtest Bug
  • Fixed Sky2 WiFi Connection Bug
  • Fixed Power-cycle Factory Reset Bug
  • Added DNS Fallback Feature (automatically resolves DNS issues better) 
  • Added True OPEN Guest Network Feature (no passcode makes it fully OPEN)
  • Added Core, GoAC, SkyPro, & EliteAC Support (added wireless 802.11ac support)
  • Added Several Modems to Supported List