How do I know whether I need to buy an indoor or outdoor router or both?

WiFiRanger’s indoor and outdoor routers both represent complete solutions in packs or they can be operated as standalone units. Both can support optional integrated LTE modems. The outdoor units offer unparalleled long distance WiFi, and rooftop cellular modems provide improved line of sight connections to the nearest cellular tower. Indoor units provide a USB port for tethering cellular devices and ethernet ports for hardwired connection of devices that require it. The WiFi range of indoor units is much less than the rooftop routers, but for many applications it is usually sufficient. Of course, for the ultimate in performance, combine both an indoor and outdoor WiFiRanger router. Separate WiFi radios in the two devices, one dedicated to the internal network and and one to the backhaul connection, provide unmatched data throughput plus all the advantages of both indoor and outdoor devices. WiFiRanger systems can be upgraded from single to dual router configuration at any time. You, the user, gets to decide what is best for you!