WiFiRanger Distribution Portal

The Self-Service Ordering Portal for OEM, Dealer, RV Park, and Educational Entities

Account Approval Process

Once we receive your request for access to the WiFiRanger Distribution Portal, we will manually review the request to ensure you meet the criteria for access to this portal.

Minimum Criteria for Approval:

  • Must be either an OEM, Dealer, RV Park, or Educational entity
  • Must fall into one of the two categories below:
    • Have history with WiFiRanger product line (distributor-level current customer)
    • Have prior contact with sales staff (distributor-level prospective customer)
  • Must have verified contact information that matches our records (ideally use official company / government email address)
  • Must receive approval at the sole discretion and judgement of WiFiRanger


Customer billing address

Customer shipping address

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