SkyPro Repair Kit

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  • Repair your existing SkyPro router
  • Include an LTE Modem if desired

This is a repair kit that can be used to repair or upgrade an existing SkyPro v1, SkyPro v2, or SkyPro v3 router.

This SkyPro Repair Kit walks you through identifying your existing SkyPro model. Once identified and a selection of whether to include an LTE modem or not is made, the recommended upgrade kit version will be provided.

Note that your model may look slightly different in colors and layout. An important decision point is the shape of the case and lid. Note that the SkyPro v1 and v2 have the same case which has distinctly rounded corners while the SkyPro v3 case and lid have a very simple rectangular shape and corners.

If unsure of your specific current SkyPro model, contact WiFiRanger tech support with an image of your SkyPro with the lid removed so they can help you identify which model it is. This way you can purchase the correct SkyPro Repair Kit to replace your existing components.



This is a repair kit that can be used to repair an existing SkyPro or SkyPro LTE router. This kit can also be used to add LTE to a non-LTE SkyPro.

The kit includes all necessary parts to swap out the component board, antenna(s), lid, product labels, and modem (if applicable). The existing case base and POE cable must be in good condition for this upgrade kit to work. Contact WiFiRanger tech support if unsure of the condition of your existing SkyPro router or which kit is necessary to perform the repair or upgrade.


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Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 in

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