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The Sky4 LTE Upgrade kit includes a Category 4 Modem and AT&T SIM card. This LTE upgrade allows your WiFiRanger Sky4 to deliver Cellular internet to your devices (requires AT&T data plan for Cellular internet). A Sky4 equipped with an LTE modem can also use Load Balance with both Cellular and WiFi internet sources for increased throughput and reliability.

IMPORTANT: Selecting an LTE Modem as part of this upgrade pack will require a monthly cellular-data plan to access internet from cell towers available in your destination area. Be sure to check with your cellular Carrier to determine if they can add the additional modem and SIM card to your existing data plan or a separate data-only plan.

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Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in

30 reviews for Sky4 LTE Upgrade Kit

  1. Kevin (verified owner)

    You win, for the worst company and customer service ever, you don’t answer the customers questions on email or answer the telephone and your new parent company Wineguard that answers phones think your service is terrible too. If someone in your company has a telephone number I would love to call to hook up my new wifi ranger or maybe just tear it off my rig and replace it with a product that has customer service. Another disgruntled customer

  2. Joe (verified owner)

    This is a horrible design considering the challenges of making this upgrade on the roof of an RV. It is unwieldy to try to force the large mechanical connector over the mother board without bending the surface mounted mating pin connector. Of course, I was not successful the first time, thus damaging the mother board, which I had to replace. Either make the pin connector a thru hole mount or modify the mechanical connector to simplify the connection process. Additionally, the antenna mounting is not intuitive because the adhesive does not align with any flat surfaces.

  3. slbroug74 (verified owner)

    I will install the LTE module on my 2021 Epro I a few days. A few comments based on the reviews above. This is NOT a DIU task barring prior experience assembling electronics. I know this for fact since I spent 35 years in the electronics industry. Hire a competent professional if you are not familiar with small parts susceptible to ESD (static discharge). Save yourself time and money in the process.

  4. Ramon Ybarra (verified owner)

    Sales person was extremely helpful and took the extra time to answer all of my questions. He ensured that I had a good understanding before continuing. I was extremely happy with the support I received.

  5. Dennis T. (verified owner)

    I’ve installed the upgrade, but have not yet activated it. Will do so next week.

  6. Scott (verified owner)

    Not compatible with Teton HD units. This is a legacy product and should be clearly stated in the product description.

  7. David K. (verified owner)

    Did not work well, customer service never returned my call to return it

  8. Huntley Turner (verified owner)

    Got a data plan thru AT&T all systems week great. Not depending on the WiFi networks at the parks enamored and enjoying 4K on the road. Thanks for solving the problems with some sleek hardware and software

  9. David Michael (verified owner)

  10. Michael McCartney (verified owner)

    Does not work with our sky pro. I wish it did.

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