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Warranty: 1 Year

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This LTE upgrade allows your WiFiRanger Sky4 to deliver cellular internet to your devices in place of WiFi, or, in combination with WiFi for even more download and upload speeds. You can set WiFiRanger to automatically choose WiFi, LTE, or both; or you can set it up manually through your WiFiRanger dashboard.

IMPORTANT: Selecting an LTE Modem as part of this upgrade pack will require a monthly cellular-data plan to access internet from cell towers available in your destination area. Be sure to check with your cellular Carrier to determine if they can add the additional modem (with SIM card) to your existing data plan with or without an additional monthly charge. If you elect to NOT purchase this LTE upgrade your WiFiRanger(TM) system will still access public WiFi networks (non-cellular) available in your destination area. Public WiFi access fees are subject to network host(s) you connect to. Some public networks offer free access while some may charge for internet access.

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Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in

12 reviews for Sky4 LTE Upgrade

  1. Thomas Youngbar (verified owner)

    Following instructions provided and working with online remote support the issue was not able to be resolved. Unit returned for credit.

  2. Paul Helfrich (verified owner)

    Technician was very helpful and to the point. Honest!

  3. James E. (verified owner)

    Just made a 1200 mile trip from Houston to Phoenix and was able to keep our smart TVs and devices connected the whole way. Pretty awesome device.

  4. Robert L. (verified owner)

    It was a simple plug and play installation

  5. glbmstar17 (verified owner)

    The IMEI associated with this LTE modem is recognized by ATT as a computer and not an RV device, which significantly limits the plans available and raises the data rates while reducing the limits. So far I have had no luck getting ATT to change the IMEI association in their system so I can choose an RV data plan … I will contact WiFi Ranger to see if I received a bad IMEI tomorrow and if they can’t resolve this I will be returning this upgrade for a refund.

  6. Margaret Dahl (verified owner)

    Love it

  7. Craig (verified owner)

    Didn’t work. The LTE modem card is not recognized by my Sky4. Wasted money on an AT&T plan that I can’t get a refund for. Wasted time climbing on the roof of RV several times to fiddle with it trying to get the modem to work.

  8. Shawn P. (verified owner)

    Relatively easy to install. Stuck in my personal T-Mobile hotspot card and I am up and running. So far so good using Wi-Fi + cellular coverage. I can’t wait to see if it holds up while I travel over the long run but so far so very good.

  9. jason crane (verified owner)

    still can’t get it to work

  10. David S. (verified owner)

    I am still having difficulty getting it set up. The video was not viewable for me when I switched to the control panel. I would rather have written instructions I could print out, then rely on watching a video. I figure I’ll get it eventually.

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