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WiFi Broadcast

On the WiFi tab, you can customize your WiFiRanger's wireless signal. In general, it is not recommended to turn the WiFi Broadcast to Off. In cases of paired WFRControl systems, it may be preferable to turn the WiFi Broadcast of the Slave to Off, minimizing wireless noise. Before turning a broadcast Off, familiarize yourself with the Reset to Factory Default in order to provide a safe recovery method if needed.

Some options below are only available when Hide Advanced Features is set to off under the Setup tab:


Hide WiFi Broadcast

Hiding the signal is not recommended. This setting is for limited purposes. Prior to hiding the signal, take the same precaution listed above for when turning the WiFi Broadcast Off. 


Broadcast Name (SSID)

Personalize your signal by changing the Broadcast Name (SSID). It is recommended to change the Broadcast SSID at the same time of making a WPA Key change as your computers and devices may get confused and have mix-matched passwords stored for the WiFiRanger. If changing the WPA Key without changing the Broadcast SSID as recommended, be sure to forget the old stored network information on all computers and devices prior to attempting to reconnect with the WiFiRanger. This allows you to re-enter the new password.



When setting up the WiFiRanger for the first time, it is highly recommended to change the WPA Key from the default. Once the new password is Saved, your device’s connection will be knocked off, as the WiFiRanger is resetting its broadcast to use the new password. Once disconnected, reconnect your computer or device to the WiFiRanger and enter the new password. It is recommended to personalize the Broadcast SSID along with the password.


Encryption Type

Modify the type of security if some older devices do not support the default WPA2 AES encryption which is the latest and most secure type.


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