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The Control Panel is the interface used to setup and control a WiFiRanger router. Each WiFiRanger has its own Control Panel that is embedded within the router and accessed in a web browser of any device connected to the WFR's network.  Computers, smartphones, tablets, and other devices with web browsers can be used to setup and control a WiFiRanger.

To access you Control Panel:

1) Connect a device wired or wirelessly to your WiFiRanger

2) Open your device’s web browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.)

3) Go to the Control Panel address derived from the WiFiRanger ID as shown below


Deriving Control Panel Address

The Control Panel address for your WiFiRanger is derived by transferring the second and third pairs (XX & YY) from the WiFiRanger ID (77XXYY) into the format listed below.

Format: 10.1XX.YY.1.8080


WiFiRanger ID: 775838

Control Panel Address:


A leading 0 should be dropped from the third pair (YY) before being transferred into the Control Panel Address. This applies only to WiFiRanger IDs between 77XX01-77XX09 as shown below:


WiFiRanger ID: 775808

Control Panel Address:



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