Knowledge Base - Range Options

When using Range automatic connections in an area that has numerous available WiFi Networks, it may be helpful to limit how many networks are attempted. This will reduce the amount of time taken for the WiFiRanger to establish an internet connection. 

Configuring Range Options:

  1. Go to WiFi tab of Control Panel
  2. Select desired number of Attempted Networks
  3. Select desired level of Signal Strength
  4. Select desired Wireless Standard
  5. Click Save


By requiring higher Signal Strength and Wireless Standards, your connection possibilities are reduced. The same applies to lowering the amount of Attempted Networks. Increasing standards reduces the time taken to establish an automatic connection, but also reduces the likelihood of establishing a connection at all. Therefore, it is not recommended to limit Range Options too severely. 


Created : 2015-01-12 10:02:08, Last Modified : 2016-09-28 22:15:38