Knowledge Base - Multi-WAN Hot Standby Mode

The Multi-WAN Hot Standby mode makes it possible to set up multiple internet connections which serve as instant backups to your primary connection if it goes offline or if its speed drops below the Slowest Usable Speed. This mode can be very useful if your primary source is local WiFi while your Cellular Aircard/MiFi is serving as a secondary backup connection. Cellular data will not be used unless the local WiFi fails. 

When combining our indoor and outdoor units, Multi-WAN is even more useful, as your indoor WiFiRanger can be connected to a separate local WiFi source than your outdoor unit, giving you two WiFi Networks. This means you could have one WiFi Network as your primary, while having up to two backup connections-- one WiFi and one Cellular.

Configuring Hot Standby:

  1. Select Hot Standby for Multi-WAN Mode drop-down on Setup tab
  2. Check Multi-WAN for each desired Internet Connector
  3. Order Internet Connectors in preferred order (primary at top in 1st position with secondary following)
  4. Click Save
  5. Connect Internet Connectors to internet on Main tab or await automatic connections

On the Main tab, any backup connections will be highlighted in orange or have an orange flame icon next to them, indicating that they are ready for immediate switchover in case the primary internet source fails.



Created : 2014-12-29 10:56:45, Last Modified : 2016-10-05 14:00:51