Knowledge Base - Failover Interval

Most of the WiFiRanger's Auto Connect functionality is dependent upon the Failover Interval, making the choice of an appropriate interval key to fine tuning performance. 

Based on the Failover Interval, the Failover feature will sense whether the WiFiRanger is on or offline, and if it is offline, an Auto Connect sequence will be initiated. 

A high checking frequency (short interval) is recommended for users needing immediate internet recovery while less frequent checks are recommended for situations in which you may have limited internet alternatives and/or when your internet sources may be slow or unstable.  With highly unstable internet connections, turning failover off may be necessary.  

Under most circumstances a 5 minute check interval will be suitable.


Created : 2014-03-11 17:15:38, Last Modified : 2016-09-28 22:43:58

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