Knowledge Base - Modifying WFRControl Settings

For all active internet connection types detailed settings can be accessed by clicking on the "gear" in the Settings column on the WiFi tab of the Control Panel.  Most of these settings are optional, but can be used to enhance the performance of your WiFiRanger device.

For WFRControl clicking on the gear causes this dialog box to be displayed:

If your WiFiRanger devices have already been paired, be careful about making changes to items in this dialog box because they may disrupt the pairing.

Control Over:  Your slaved WiFiRanger device may be connected to the primary device by Ethernet cable or via its WiFi radio.  The appropriate box should be checked.

Reset WFR Control:  If you are creating a new pairing between devices you may need to perform a reset; under normal circumstances this button should not be used.

Speedtest: Speedtests can be performed after internet connections have been made.  You can choose the file size used for the test; the most accurate results will result from using the Automatic mode.  If you are interested in reducing data usage, speedtesting can be turned off.

Slowest usable speed: Use this slider to set the speed at which the WiFiRanger will attempt to find an alternate internet connection.

Auto Pairing: Under most circumstances set this to ON

Power Only: For some installations it may be useful to have the two WiFiRanger devices operate independently rather than being paired. Use this button to cause the primary WiFiRanger to only provide POE power to the secondary device without controlling it.







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Created : 2014-03-06 20:03:44, Last Modified : 2016-09-28 22:49:33