Knowledge Base - Connecting via WiFi as WAN

On the Main tab, the list of available WiFi Networks provides useful information and sorting of wireless signals. The number of networks is displayed, as is the signal details. All networks are sorted top to bottom in order of signal strength (strongest to weakest) at the time of the Scan.

The letter to the left of the signal strength bars denotes the type of network whether 802.11bg, or n (oldest and slowest technology to newest and fastest from left to right). The signal bars are color coded for help emphasize their strength (red is weakest and green is strongest).

The type of encryption, or lack thereof, is also listed whether OPENFILTEREDWEP, or WPA. Anything listed as WEP or WPA requires a password to Connect. OPEN networks do not require a password while FILTERED networks require a passcode or agreement to terms via a web browser login or splash page.

Your WiFiRanger is designed to be able to make it easy to select and connect to available WiFi Access Points (APs').  Once your WiFiRanger router has completed its boot cycle, on the Main tab of the Control Panel you should see displayed a list of AP's in your vicinity.  If, for some reason, you don't see such a list just click on the SCAN button in the top left box and the list will be displayed in a few mintues.  The displayed AP's will be listed in the order of recieved signal strength.

Although other information about the AP is also displayed on each line, to connect to any particular WiFi access point all you have to do is click on the CONNECT button on the left side of the appropriate line.  The WiFiRanger will then initiate a connect sequence, the status of which is indicated in the top two boxes on the Main tab.  When CONNECTED and ONLINE are displayed your connection will be ready to use.


Created : 2014-03-04 17:45:47, Last Modified : 2016-10-06 10:49:19