Knowledge Base - Preferring & Ignoring Networks with Tags

Your WiFiRanger often can identify many WiFi access points only some of which will you wish to connect to.  To simplify management of multiple access points the WiFiRanger can create tags to differentiate which AP's you are interested in and which you would prefer to ignore.  Ignoring certain AP's can be helpful when there are one or more "open" AP's which you don't wish to connect to.  Setting some AP's as Last Resort will further prioritize those that are available.

To set a tag click on the TAG box on the line for that SSID.  A pop-up box will then ask you to designate what type of tag this is to be, PREFER, IGNORE, or LAST RESORT.  After you have made your selection click on SAVE and the box will close

PREFER tag--Create a Prefer Tag for WiFi Networks you want the WiFiRanger to automatically prioritize and favor during an Auto Connect.

If you have designated multiple PREFER tags you can select the order in which they are selected by the WiFiRanger by re-ordering them on the WiFi tab of the Control Panel.  Tags can also be defined on the appropriate line of the WiFi tab.IGNORE Tag--Create an Ignore Tag to have the WiFiRanger skip WiFi Networks which for whatever reason are not desirable during an Auto Connect. For example, there may be open networks near you that you don't want to accidentally connect to.

LAST TRY tag--Create a Last Try Tag for a WiFi Network is to be resorted to after exhausting all other wireless signals. This type of Tag is useful for WiFi Networks from MiFi devices or Hotspot Phones in order to conserve bandwidth when possible yet use the 3G/4G data when absolutely necessary.

TRACK USAGE tag--Create a Track Usage Tag to keep tabs on how much data is being used through the WiFiRanger while connected to a WiFi Network. Once created, view the data usage on the Status tab. This is useful for networks with limited data.

Note: if the SSID for which you are setting a tag has spaces in its name you will be asked to specify which part of the name you are using for your tag or if you wish to use its entire name.  For example, if a campground has multiple access points labeled at AP 1, AP 2, AP 3, etc., you could create tags consisting of "AP" or only the AP number, or the entire label "AP X".  Choosing just "AP" would mean that the WiFiRanger would treat equally all the SSIDs with AP in their names without differentiating between them.



Created : 2014-03-04 17:20:58, Last Modified : 2016-09-28 22:45:28