Knowledge Base - Selecting Connect or Standby on Main tab

On the Main tab of the Control Panel, there is a dropdown box which is normally set to Connect but it can also be changed to Standby when desiring to connect to a wireless network as a backup to your primary internet source.

This feature requires that Multi-WAN is configured properly and is set to either Hot Standby or Dynamic mode. Once this has been done, you can select Standby from the drop-down and then select either the indoor or outdoor WiFiRanger's radial button to the left of the Scan button. Now click Connect to the left of the desired network that you wish to have as a backup connection standing by in case the primary internet source goes offline. This network will then be highlighted in orange, indicating that it is ready to be used once the primary internet source goes offline.


Created : 2014-03-04 17:08:21, Last Modified : 2016-09-29 17:26:26

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