Frequently Asked Question - How do I access my WiFiRanger’s Control Panel?

How do I access my WiFiRanger’s Control Panel?

The Control Panel for any WiFiRanger router will always have the following IP address format:   10.1XX.YY.1:8080

The places of XX  and YY are the numbers in the WiFiRanger's 6-digit ID number which has the the format 77XXYY

For example, if your WiFiRanger's ID number is 775839, then its corresponding Control Panel address would be

NOTE: A leading "0" in the YY set is always ignored when typing in the Control Panel address. For example, WiFiRanger ID 773506 would have the Control Panel address of as IP addresses cannot have a set begin with the number 0


If your WiFiRanger router has already connected to the internet, the Control Panel can also be found at