Frequently Asked Question - How do I hide or show Advanced features on the Control Panel?

How do I hide or show Advanced features on the Control Panel?

The 7.0 release of WiFiRanger firmware adds many new features, some of which are primarily of interest to our most technically sophisticated customers.  However, WiFiRanger has always prided itself on marketing easy-to-use devices which are intuitively designed, and can be used by customers with little or no technical background. 

Therefore, we have designed into the 7.0 firmware, an option which can hide a number of features which are unnecessary for most customers. This keeps the Control Panel clean and simple when in Simple mode. The option can be found on the Setup tab under System Preferences. To have a clean and simple Control Panel, have Hide Advanced Features turned On. To reveal all features and more technical options, turn this Off. The Model indication in the upper right corner of the Control Panel whether the WiFiRanger is operating Simple or Advanced.

It's important to note that hiding features by switching the WiFiRanger to Simple Mode does not prevent these features from continuing to effect the performance of the device. The Advanced features are hidden only, and will still take effect if you had made configuration changes to them, and then turned Simple Mode back On. This way, you can activate Advanced features and then hide them as a way of helping to prevent others from changing them, or simply enjoy a cleaner interface.