Frequently Asked Question - How can I view cameras and other devices remotely?

How can I view cameras and other devices remotely?

Conduits provide an easy way to view control interfaces of cameras and other devices which are connected to your WiFiRanger. Now you can quickly view live cameras in your RV to check up on pets from your smartphone. Other numerous applications can apply as Conduits work with any device that uses a standard web portal for control.

Configuring Conduit

  1. Go to Status tab of Control Panel
  2. Scroll down to Devices list
  3. Click Conduit checkbox for desired device
  4. Wait 30 seconds
  5. Web address will display (copy to bookmark or smartphone web browser for future use)

Simply go to this web address each time you want to view your live camera or other device's control interface remotely. This address can be accessed by any of your computers, smartphones, or other devices through a web browser. The only thing required is that your WiFiRanger must be online.