Frequently Asked Question - What is Social Info and how do I use it?

What is Social Info and how do I use it?

Display your social profile to other WiFiRanger owners that are in the same vicinity. If a WiFiRanger owner has activated his Social Info feature, you will see a person icon displayed next to his WiFi Network on the Main tab of the Control Panel. Hover over the icon to view the Social Info. You do not need to connect to the WiFi in order to see the Social Info, as a simple Scan will display the icon.

Configuring Social Info:

  1. Go to WiFi tab on Control Panel
  2. Enter desired info (Interests, Website address, Find Me directions)
  3. Click Save

Entering info into any of these fields is optional. For example, you could fill out only the Website field with a link to your Facebook profile or blog, leaving Interests and Find Me blank. This means that only the Website info will be displayed to others on your own social icon. Find Me directions are used to give others a way to find your campsite or location so that you can easily make new friends.