Frequently Asked Question - How do I use and customize the Usage tab?

How do I use and customize the Usage tab?

Data Usage can be tracked and monitored on the Usage tab in the Control Panel. To activate the feature, simply turn it On and click Save on the Usage tab. The Usage tab is highly customizable and flexible, providing realtime Utilization, usage History, device Restrictions, and device Groupings.

Realtime Utilization

View the past 15 minutes of throughput information on the Realtime Utilization graph, which is helpful for viewing how much data is being consumed by streaming video or other heavy uses. If Multi-WAN is configured, this real-time graph will show the usage of each of the connections involved in the Multi-WAN configuration.

Bandwidth History

View all past History of bandwidth usage on the Bandwidth History graph, customizing the displayed history by using the desired drop-downs below the graph to narrow results. This data can be viewed in a table format by clicking the Show History button, which also allows for downloading the history to a CSV file. Again, if Multi-WAN is configured, the data usage for each internet connection will be displayed.

Bandwidth Groups

Customize the usage history further by creating a Bandwidth Group with the desired devices and internet connectors. This allows you to view the history only for these grouped devices, which is helpful when using multiple smartphones or MiFis that have a shared data plan. Avoid going over the shared data plan’s monthly usage limit by tracking the combined usage for these multiple devices. Create a Bandwidth Group by going to the Usage tab and walking through the steps under the Bandwidth Groups area. 

Device Restrictions

Create Device Restrictions to disable internet access or limit internet speeds for desired devices. This could enable you to limit a child's game system usage or simply to limit usage on your cellular account so you do not exceed monthly data limits. Device Restrictions help optimize utilization and limit individuals by setting usage schedules or limits. Restrictions that are actively limiting speed will be highlighted in yellow while rules that are disabling internet access will be highlighted in orange.