Vehicle Connectivity Integration System

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Introducing ConvergeTM by WiFiRangerTM  —  the industry’s leading technology engineered to:

Simplify Installation, Stability & Support of RV Connectivity & Subsystems

ConvergeTM is a combination of outdoor WiFi antennas and boosting solutions with LTE upgrades inside the aerodynamic fin-shaped enclosure that's Add-a-Router-Ready (AaRR) with a best-of-breed indoor router. 

ConvergeTM as a technology discipline is "Converging" multiple data sources such as WiFi, Cellular, Ethernet, Smartphones, MiFi's and more.

Top features include:

  • Improved WiFi & LTE signal strength
  • One-time login for wireless or wired devices
  • Private/Secure networking in and around your RV
  • Multi-Carrier LTE rooftop modem capability with load balancing alongside public WiFi
    (AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon - under development)
  • Managed data-usage by device
  • Easy “tray swap” upgrades to extend the life of your system
  • LTE Hotspot tethering
  • Pairing with best-of-breed indoor routers
  • and More!

BIG Tech. BIG Look. small Footprint.



I currently have a WiFiRanger Sky unit keeping me connected while traveling; how does Converge impact me?

It depends on a few of your personal preferences:

  • Rooftop LTE: if you'd like your WiFiRanger to connect to both public WiFi and/or Cell Towers and you currently own a Sky4 system without LTE, CLICK HERE for the LTE upgrade kit.  Or you can choose to purchase a new Converge system that comes equipped with an LTE modem + antennas that will connect to active cell towers operated by an authorized Carrier of your choice.
  • Signal Strength: if you'd like the furthest antenna reach to public WiFi and/or Cell Towers you'll want to purchase a new Converge system.

  • Aesthetics & Expandability: if you like the look and expandability of the aerodynamic rooftop-fin enclosure described above, you'll want to purchase a new Converge system.

Pair Your Fin Withan Indoor Routeror as a Stand AloneYou Choose!