A Convergence of Technologies

“The entire objective of the Converge™ product line has been to re-think standards the legacy RV industry has dealt with, and then envision what the user experience should be." 

- Kelly Hogan, CEO



Vehicle Connectivity Integration System


Converge™ is a connectivity system that encapsulates several technologies while minimizing the footprint on the RV rooftop. The fin-shaped outdoor enclosure is IP-67 rated to withstand the harsh elements and houses WiFiRanger's renowned long range WiFi, LTE & GPS solutions with an optional omni HDTV antenna for OTA TV.



The InfoCenter wall device replaces the legacy TV wall plate with a powerful antenna/cable switch box including amplifier DC injection, dual USB charge points, and a convenient handheld device holding bail.  It may also include a touch screen enabled WiFiRanger to allow for more features, and, to convert standalone WiFiRanger outdoor units into desired pack offerings.



In Development

The indoor AI Universal Assistant houses the powerful & private AI engine for voice control of all compatible systems within the RV.  For example, users will be able to say, "Hey Ranger, turn on bath light."  As pictured here, the AI Universal Assistant is an ergonomic ceiling-mount that includes beam forming LEDs with microphones plus a convenient LED ceiling light to help illuminate the room where it's installed.