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  • How is a VPN like a phone booth?
    A long, long time ago when people wanted privacy for their phone call, they might choose to use a phone booth. The booth created a “box” around their conversation giving them a reasonable degree of privacy. Today, phone booths are long gone but the need for privacy still endures. Today’s phone booth is a software […]
  • Aggregation or Aggravation
    Is Carrier Aggregation just more techno-babel aggravation? A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, understanding radio broadcasts was pretty simple- just get the strongest possible signal and soon you’ll be able to listen to radio broadcasts from all over the country! Television added some complexity to this and taught us about things […]
  • When is 5G Not Really 5G?
    If you’re one of those consumers who likes to have the latest technology in your technology “toys,” the cellular carriers continue to make that more difficult as they periodically redefine the meaning of the term “5G”. As I noted in one of my earlier blogs, 5G isn’t really a single frequency band or a single technology. In […]
  • How Load Balancing Makes Netflix and Chill Better
    These days, it seems everyone is using more and more internet data so they can stream video. But if you’re like many RVers, you’re forced to access the internet much of the time using cellular connections that don’t have the high speeds you’re used to in the city. In rural America, where lots of RVers […]
  • MIMO, SU-MIMO, MU-MIMO, finding NEMO? It’s all buzzword bingo to me!
    There are times when even the most “techie” of consumers begins to wonder if there’s any way of making sense out of the barrage of features available in the rapidly evolving world of communications.  As soon as you think you understand something, it gets changed or placed.  Everything is a jumble of letters and numbers.  […]
  • 4G. 5G, 5G+!!! Gee, why do I care?
    Written by WiFiRanger Ambassador, Joel Weiss “docj” To the average person, today’s cellular data marketplace is a jumble of technobabble. Carriers continuously boast of the capabilities of their networks while also claiming that even better service is soon to be available. At the same time several companies planning to establish satellite-based internet systems claim that […]
  • Two Connections Can Be Better Than One
    Written by WiFiRanger Ambassador, Joel Weiss “docj” Most of us who are dependent on cellular data connections know that even the best of them aren’t all that stable. In fact, if you use a speed test like you’ll observe that the speed of any cellular connection can vary rather dramatically even during the course […]
  • Making Your RV’s Internet Connection Nearly Unbreakable
    Written by WiFiRanger Ambassador, Joel Weiss “docj” By now most RVers are pretty well acquainted with the difficulties inherent in trying to maintain 24/7 internet connections when your only options are cellular connections. There are many, many threads on the subject.  Even the best of cellular connections can result in varying download speeds on a continuous basis.  Quite often the […]
  • 802 Dot What????
    For many RVers connecting their computers, phones, smart TVs, tablets and other devices to the Internet is now… well… a necessity during their travels.  The next question we often find ourselves asking is:  “So which Internet source is best to connect to and why?”