If you are powering your WiFiRanger(TM) with an AC wall adapter (as pictured below), NO further action is needed on your part.


ac adapter
If you are powering your WiFiRanger(TM) with the below described step-up converter, please continue reading.
This Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) is regarding certain power supplies delivered as part of WiFiRanger(TM) pack systems sold between 09/01/2016 and 03/15/2018.  The affected power supplies were black with a silver label stating "WIFIRANGER DC STEP-UP CONVERTER" with two mounting screw holes on each side.  Please review your 12V DC power supply on your WiFiRanger(TM) Pack.  If it is the one in the picture below please stop using it immediately.  We have found that in the rare situation that the below power supply fails, it may overheat causing permanent damage to your WiFiRanger(TM) products.

24VDC step up old


To check if your WiFiRanger(TM) power supply is part of this technical service bulletin, input your WiFiRanger(TM) ID number in the field above.  Your WiFiRanger(TM) ID number (WFR ID for short) can be found on the [wall sticker] next to the power switch or on the [side of your indoor router] as pictured below.

NOTE: The below photos are for illustration purposes only.

stickers v4

The following Service Bulletin are recommended changes to procedures or installation standards to improve usability and reliability of WiFiRanger(TM) products. 

  TSB ID   04-2019-24VDC
  Description  Replacement of older 24VDC Step-up Converter
  Urgency  Immediate
  Product Line  All DC POE enabled products with indoor/outdoor units and pictured unit