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MITO Corporation distributes WiFiRanger products to manufacturers and dealers of RVs, Truck Fleets, Watercraft, and more. MITO's keen customer attention and market experience couple to take WiFiRanger's ground-breaking products to the people and companies that need them most.

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Why are they Integrating WiFiRanger?

wifiranger is fueling the future

  • Meet Requirements for Connectivity
  • Integrate Within All Kinds of Vehicles
  • Lay the Network Foundation
The WiFiRanger line of products offer the solution to demanding connectivity requirements found in modern RVs, Automobiles, Watercraft, Fleet, and other vehicles. Just as every vehicle is dependent on a strong and durable chassis or body, the WiFiRanger is the foundation that provides a complete solution to networking, both with local connectivity of devices within the vehicle and with Internet access.

customers demand wifiranger

  • Fulfill Rising Customer Demand
  • Provide Uncontestedly Best Solutions
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction
These days, customers demand the cutting-edge features of the WiFiRanger to improve their online experience while also networking their ever-expanding list of devices and systems. WiFiRangers help consumers utilize connectivity to the Internet via WiFi Hotspots and Cellular Devices, while dramatically improving this Internet access. WiFiRangers also provide a simpler and more secure networking environment for the end-consumers, increasing usability and satisfaction.

manufacturers need wifiranger

  • Utilize Uniform Network
  • Access Network Remotely
  • Minimize Support Burden
Manufacturers will likewise utilize the WiFiRanger’s fitting capability to integrate networkable technologies with a consistent foundation in their vehicles. While online, WiFiRangers uniquely allow for remotely diagnosing and configuring networked devices within the vehicle. This feature improves responsiveness to warranty claims, limits dealership support burdens, and allows remote software updating or modifying of networked devices.

wifirangers bolster your brand

  • Broadcast Brandname Wirelessly
  • Improve Customer Experience
  • Offer Cutting-Edge Options
Manufacturers can increase brand awareness using the WiFiRanger’s wireless signal to literally broadcast their brand name to people around the vehicle. This turns vehicles into powerful marketing machines by leveraging WiFiRanger to broadcast brand names to everyone with a laptop, tablet, smartphone, or any other WiFi device, which includes almost everyone these days. Furthermore, the WiFiRanger increases the enjoyment associated with your vehicle's experience. The customers are no longer frustrated about internet and security, making your product give an even better impression to the technology-driven consumers of today.

Manufacturer Implementation Guide

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