• New Cellular LTE Solutions Open or Close


    Embedded LTE Outdoor Cellular Modem Allows Customer Choice of Carriers

    WiFiRanger, the leader in RV networking solutions, today announced their latest innovation of embedded LTE modem support within their outdoor Sky product line, including the ability for end consumers to bring their own device, or add the Sky product to their existing cellular plan. Limited units available immediately, with full production in May, this offering allows better reception for the data device, by moving the modem out of the coach or RV, and in clear view of the cellular towers, improving reception and data speeds.

    “An issue commonly faced by those with a mobile lifestyle is that other integrated Cellular solutions are often locked into a specific carrier or an overpriced plan, but we are liberating the consumer so they can choose their own carrier, device, and plan.” -Evan Sorenson, Brand Developer, WiFiRanger

    For the coach manufacturer market, individual OE’s may select any carrier, including AT&T, Verizon, or any of the other major carriers and WiFiRanger will include the appropriate modem and SIM desired in the industry standard Sky3 or SkyPro product line used on thousands of RVs each year.

    “We are proud to be providing RV manufacturers with WiFiRanger products, the absolute best RV networking solutions, now with LTE integration at an amazing price-point.” -Rod Hire, Vice President of Sales, MITO Corporation

    For the direct to consumer market, WiFiRanger expanded its SkyPro product line to include their innovative (Your Own Device, Pod) The YODPod is an IP67 rated sealed enclosure within the WiFiRanger SkyPro allowing either the WiFiRanger LTE modem, or the customer’s existing USB cellular device within, granting the advantages of outdoor reception and antennas, and improved speeds, all without another data plan or carrier to contend with.

    WiFiRanger has always supported customer USB cellular tethering, including bonding of multiple Internet sources for performance and redundancy. This integration improves capabilities further, by utilizing seamless fail-over and fail-back from the cellular devices to insure continuous connectivity for the RV and its owner, saving precious data automatically.

    “Make it simple, make it automatic, make it magic. That’s always been our goal, improving RV internet connectivity in an innovative way. Our latest LTE integration takes these concepts to the next level, providing better performance, consumer choice of carrier, and simple operation for the owner.” -Kelly Hogan, CEO, WiFiRanger

    WiFiRanger has also partnered with Millenicom, the leader in affordable Cellular data plans for the mobile lifestyle community, in order to provide customers with a turn-key, no contract WiFi and Cellular solution. The WiFiRanger LTE modem is integrated directly into the SkyPro LTE product with inactive SIM, allowing the end-consumer to activate their own Millenicom account as needed through a simple and easy-to-use web portal.

    “Providing great value in Cellular data has always been the aim, and now having outdoor LTE connectivity combined with WiFi makes mobile internet entirely better and more reliable.” - Dennis Castle, Director, Millenicom

    WiFiRanger LTE Modem Installed with SIM Slot Exposed for Easy Insertion


    WiFiRanger YODPodTM with Customer-installed Modem


  • 7.0.6 Firmware Released Open or Close


    Based on feedback and thorough testing by our dedicated BETA group, we've released 7.0.6 Firmware which improves overall performance and stability from 7.0.3 firmware. This release is also intended to optimize performance on legacy products, and it will be the final firmware version for the following end-of-life WiFiRanger products:

    • Home / Pro
    • Go
    • X
    • Mobile
    • MobileTi
    • Marine

    7.0.6 Changelog

    • Improved Multi-WAN Performance & Bug Fixes
    • Improved WFRControl Performance & Bug Fixes
    • Improved Status Messaging Accuracy & Consistency
    • Improved USB Cellular Tethering Reliability
    • Improved Overall Performance & Optimization
    • Improved Performance for Legacy Products 
    • Fixed Automatic Speedtest Bug
    • Fixed Sky2 WiFi Connection Bug
    • Fixed Power-cycle Factory Reset Bug
    • Added DNS Fallback Feature (automatically resolves DNS issues better) 
    • Added True OPEN Guest Network Feature (no passcode makes it fully OPEN)
    • Added Core, GoAC, SkyPro, & EliteAC Support (added wireless 802.11ac support)
    • Added Several Modems to Supported List
  • 7.0.3 Firmware Released Open or Close


    Based on feedback and thorough testing by our dedicated BETA group, we've released 7.0.3 Firmware which improves overall performance and stability from 7.0.2 firmware.

    7.0.3 Changelog

    • Multi-WAN Improvements
    • WFRControl Improvements
    • Increased WiFi Throughput Speeds
    • Added Several Modems to Supported List
    • Overall Performance & Reliability Improvements
  • Mini Pack Released Open or Close


    New entry-level Pack

    We have released the WiFiRanger Mini Pack to replace the RV Pack2. This new offering is a great solution for those who want the full features of the Elite Pack, but at a lower cost. The Mini Pack includes the new indoor WiFiRanger Mini and outdoor Sky2. Equipped with a USB port for tethering an Aircard or MiFi, the Mini provides excellent functionality to pair the outdoor Sky2 with Cellular data from your carrier. The Mini also has POE output on port 2 to both power and interconnect the Sky2. 

    The new Sky2 has the same range capability as the original Sky, but in a smaller package that's half the cost. Another advantage of the new Sky2 is that its ethernet cable exits the side instead of the bottom, so that you don't have to drill a hole for the cable entry. The ethernet cable can be easily routed down through an alternate avenue to avoid drilling a hole. 

    Learn more about the Mini Pack here

  • 7.0.1 Firmware Changelog Open or Close


    Proudly Releasing Phantom Firmware

    Numerous new features and improvements have made Phantom Firmware the best WiFiRanger has every released. Enjoy powerful features that help you unite all your internet sources and manage all the bandwidth.

    Learn more about the Elite system here


    Major New Features

    • Multi-WAN
    • Usage Tracking
    • Safe Surf
    • Remote Conduits
    • Social Info


    Minor New Features

    • Added UPnP Support
    • Added Range Options
    • Added LED Blackout Mode
    • Added Static IP Assignment
    • Added Hidden Network Support
    • Added Cloud Data Synchronization
    • Added Tagging by Internet Connector
    • Added Mobile Version of Control Panel
    • Added Password Protection to Control Panel
    • Added More Options to Public Wireless Network
    • Added Simple & Advanced Control Panel Modes



    • Resolved Various Bugs & Issues
    • Increased Wireless Performance
    • Increased General Networking Reliability
    • Increased Control Panel Responsiveness
    • Increased Aircard/MiFi Support & Stability
    • Increased WFRControl Reliability & Responsiveness
    • Increased Filtered Network Reliability & Performance
    • Increased Control Panel Organization & Consistency
    • Increased Status Messaging Accuracy & Consistency
  • Elite Released Open or Close


    New ultra-powerful Wireless System

    We have released the WiFiRanger Elite to replace the MobileTi. This new product comes standard with a powerful 1000mW wireless radio that auto-adjusts for optimal performance. The Elite also has a 6dBi antenna to increased range.

    Learn more about the Elite system here

  • Marine2 Released Open or Close


    New marine-rated Wireless System

    Taking our extensive experience in creating WiFi solutions for the RV industry, we have collaborated with marine experts to deliver the new Marine2 wireless router and booster. The product provides immense WiFi range for boaters and yachters who are off-shore yet within sight of public Hotspots. Not only does the system provide excellent wireless signal boosting, but it also adds a layer of security between all devices on the watercraft and everything connected to the public Hotspot on shore. 

    All devices on-board are provided with a strong and secure WiFi signal from the Marine2, while it simultaneously connects to the public WiFi on shore for the internet connection. This allows boaters and yachters to rely more on low-cost or free WiFi rather than expensive and often unreliable Satellite and Cellular services. 

    Learn more about the Marine2 system here


  • 6.6.5 Firmware Changelog Open or Close


    New Features, Fixes, & Optimizations

    User Experience Updates
    • Improved Look/Feel of Control Panel
    • Dynamic Re-sizing of Control Panel for Tablet and Phone Use
    • Improved Connection Reliability With Marginal Signals or Internet Availability
    • Auto Login At Boingo, TengoInternet, and 1000’s of Public Hotspots
    • Improved Cellular Modem Messaging And Modem Support
    • Improved Tethering Options and Device Support
    • USB Power Up Option On Go2 For Better Modem Reliability
    • Power Only Mode on Go(2) For Stand Alone Use Without Pairing
    • Improved Connection Speed Testing
    • Manual Retest Of Current Connections Speed
    • Additional Ranging Options For Better Network Optimization Choices
    • Manual Standby Connection Option
    • Advanced Tag Options From Main Control Panel
    • Rating Of Public Networks For Improving Public WiFi
    • Improved Ranging Options Including Signal Strength, Network Type
    • Tag Prioritization For Managing Multiple WiFi Network Connections
    • AutoMagic Pairing of Indoor and Outdoor WFRControl Products
    • Profile Support For Saving Configuration Set-Ups With Common Defaults
    • Improved Status Page For Data Usage And IP Network Visibility
    • Faster Scans & Joins
    • Cloud Available/Disconnected Notifications
    • Improved Watchdogs For Saving/Updating Units
    • Dynamic Auto Login Scripts Inherited From Cloud
    • CentralFuse Capable Support
    • Registration Tab For Proactive Monitoring
    • Hidden Infrastructure Network Support
    • Numerous Reported Bugs Resolved


    Core Technology Updates
    • New Linux Kernel
    • Improved Stability In Low Memory Situations
    • Updated Wireless Driver
    • Simplified Core/App/UI Hierarchy
    • Improved Daemon Efficiency
    • Reset To Factory Defaults Modified For Fewer False Resets
    • Full Support For WFRGo2
    • Full Support For WFRCarbon
    • Initial Support For WFRBridge

    Cloud Technology Updates
    • Integration to
    • Improved Cloud Restore Capability
    • Improved Update and Patch Engine
    • Parallel Management Servers

    Manufacturer Updates
    • Administrative Login and Customization For OE Skinning
    • Localized Configuration Router For Auto Configuration
    • USB Storage Support For Pre-Configurations
    • Reset To Factory Defaults Hierarchy
    • Custom Skinning For Brand Recognition
    • CANBUS Integration Engine Support
  • WFRConnect & Wilson Sleek Open or Close


    WiFiRanger Collaborates with Millenicom

    BlueMesh Networks, maker of WiFiRanger products, announces they are now offering the WFRConnect 3G/4G plan with no contract, higher data allowance, and nationwide service through Millenicom and now reselling the Wilson Sleek® Cradle Cellular Booster

    We are excited to now offer our WiFiRanger products with the WFRConnect 3G/4G MiFi device and plan, in a variety of combinations, while also offering the superb Wilson Sleek® as an option for those who want the most in 3G/4G coverage,” said Evan Sorenson, Brand Development & Creative Director of BlueMesh Networks and WiFiRanger. “Customers, especially Full-time RVers, are looking for the best solutions to getting and staying online, both through WiFi and Cellular Data. To meet these needs, we are bundling the best products together for a complete internet solution that's tailored for a mobile lifestyle.

    The WFRConnect offering is made possible by Millenicom, renowned in the RVer community as being the company that provides the most value in 3G/4G Cellular Data plans. Designed to cover the needs of both light and heavy internet users, the WFRConnect plan includes 20GB of Data usage each month. The network coverage is the largest in the United States, and gives RVers and Travelers the best availability and reliability as they move throughout the country. The pairing of WFRConnect with WiFiRanger products enables RVers and Travelers to make the most of both Public WiFi and 3G/4G, using whichever option is faster and more consistent. Not only do WiFiRanger products allow for using Public WiFi, but they also automatically and intelligently switch between available WiFi networks and WFRConnect, using the fastest internet available while saving Cellular data. This is an exceptional solution to those who rely on the internet for work which supports their mobile lifestyles or for those who simply love keeping in touch, sharing photos, streaming videos, and more.

    With the addition of the Wilson Sleek® to the list of WiFiRanger options, those who live on the edge (of the network that is) can boost the Cellular signal of all 3G phones (except Nextel/iDEN) and also boost the Verizon 4G LTE network. The Wilson Sleek® is the perfect choice for bundling with the WFRConnect MiFi device, as it can boost the 3G/4G Cellular signal, improving speed and reliability. Whether used with a smartphone for making a call in a spotty area, or boosting the 3G or 4G signal enough to stream the latest video, the Wilson Sleek® helps keep those with a mobile lifestyle connected.

    Dennis Castle, Director of Millenicom, said this regarding the offering, "Combining the truly enormous nationwide coverage of Millenicom with the expanded footprint capability of the WiFiRanger, and then include the added signal strength boost of the Wilson Sleek®, makes this the best solution for the mobile community since the invention of the wheel."

    These offerings are available at and can be purchased along with WiFiRanger's Intelligent WiFi Routers™ to give the RVer or Traveler the best connectivity solutions for a mobile lifestyle.

  • MITO-Exclusive WiFiRanger Sky Open or Close


    We are proudly announcing that the WiFiRanger Sky is now exclusively available through our partner, MITO Corporation

    Our partnership with MITO Corporation has been greatly beneficial throughout the development of the WiFiRanger Sky. In order to be more mutually beneficial partners, WiFiRanger has given MITO Corporation the exclusive sale of the WiFiRanger Sky product.

    MITO Corporation plans to market the WiFiRanger Sky through their established channels with the RV OEM, Dealer, and Aftermarket. Both partners see this as an opportunity for better WiFiRanger brand recognition and sales in the RV Market, as well as an opportunity to continue advancing the WiFiRanger Sky as a product. MITO Corporation's experience and expertise has helped to drive the development of WiFiRanger products, and this collaboration promises to continue those improvements.

    View MITO's listing of the WiFiRanger Sky here.

    [UPDATE: WiFiRanger now sells the WiFiRanger Sky to direct aftermarket customers while MITO continues to hold the exclusive OE distribution]

  • MITO Corp Partners BlueMesh Open or Close


    BlueMesh Networks collaborates with MITO Corp to integrate WiFiRanger OEM

    With high demand for an all-in-one, unified network solution for mobile RVs and Coaches, today MITO Corporation has partnered with BlueMesh Networks to provide factory-installed WiFiRanger OEM mobile routers in leading RV and Coach manufacturer offerings.

    The WiFiRanger OEM mobile router is expressly designed for RVs and Coaches, providing a clean and unified network solution for owners of new coaches. The WiFiRanger OEM kit, coupling the WiFiRanger and WFRBoost accessory package, provides a complete networking solution, including the WiFiRanger router, the externally roof-mounted WFRBoost receiver, and the internally wall-mounted power distribution and USB charging station.

    “Providing a consistent, reliable network for devices in RVs and Coaches is imperative to simplifying their use. The factory-installed WiFiRanger product will improve the ability of coach owners to ensure that all their devices share a common network, increase security, and improve usability of all devices while operating on a mobile broadband connection or using Public WiFi. We are honored to have MITO Corporation as a valued supplier to the RV and Coach manufacturer market” stated Kelly Hogan, CEO of BlueMesh Networks.

    “WiFiRanger is by far the best all-in-one, unified network solution available today, and MITO Corporation is pleased to be the RV distributor for WiFiRanger. We are excited to be aligned with our partners at BlueMesh Networks, and look forward to a long-lasting relationship with their team of committed wireless experts for years to come. Offering this type of cutting-edge technology to our RV OEM customers will allow RV owners the ability to enjoy use of all their wireless devices no matter where they are” stated Rod Hire, Product Manager of MITO Corporation.

    The WiFiRanger was created by BlueMesh Networks to serve the needs of traveling RVers. It simplifies keeping all internet-ready devices in an RV or Coach connected to a private network, regardless of the internet source, whether Aircards or WiFi.

    Having the WiFiRanger OEM mobile router installed within an RV or Coach gives the consumer a complete and hassle-free network. They are provided with LAN ports for hardwiring any non-WiFi devices to their private network, such as TVs, desktops, and entertainment devices. They are also provided with a secure Wireless N broadcast from the WiFiRanger, allowing for their many popular WiFi-enabled devices or laptops to be connected wirelessly. With all the consumer’s devices seamlessly connected to their private network, the WiFiRanger can then negotiate an internet connection through various options, and in turn, keeps all the connected devices online and secure.

    The WiFiRanger OEM mobile router supports internet acquisition through WiFi, USB Aircards, MiFi Hotspots, and Hotspot Phones. While the WiFiRanger router unifies the network, the WFRBoost powers the WiFi capabilities. The WFRBoost OEM is a factory-installed accessory package to the WiFiRanger that provides an external wireless antenna and radio which greatly extends wireless reach, allowing for WiFi connections of up to a mile away in optimal conditions. It is mountable on the roof of an RV or Coach, supplying crucial line-of-sight for wireless connections. This furnishes RVs and Coaches with a powerful method of connecting to nearby WiFi from RV Resorts, Campgrounds, Public Hotspots, or other facilities.

    The partnership between MITO Corporation and BlueMesh Networks will provide both companies with valuable collaboration on the implementation and innovation of network solution products for the RV industry.

  • New Horizons RV Communications Package Open or Close


    Leader in Towable RVs, New Horizons Offers WiFiRanger & WFRBoost to Customers

    Meridian, ID - BlueMesh Networks announced today that New Horizons, the leader in Luxury Towable RV’s, will offer WiFiRanger products as factory installation option for their customers.

    We are very excited that New Horizons has agreed to offer WiFiRanger products to their customers, as well as install them professionally for them,” said Neil Neiwert, President of BlueMesh Networks, manufacturer of the WiFiRanger. “New Horizons is known for being the nicest RV money can buy, and we can’t think of a better place for our WiFiRanger Products.

    New Horizons will specifically be offering and installing a WiFiRanger products and accessories consisting  of a mounting plate installed into the wall of the RV, as well an external WiFi antenna and mounting bracket.

    This allows the owner of the RV to connect a WiFiRanger Intelligent Mobile Router, and use WiFi from RV Parks or Coffee Shops to connect all their devices inside the RV.  The external WiFi antenna helps with signal penetrating the RV, as well as connecting at long distances.

    “We’re seeing that more and more of our customers have internet access needs,” said Cole Brokenicky of New Horizons RV.  “With the WiFiRanger package installed, our customers can connect their devices to the internet using WiFi, 3G and 4G LTE mobile broadband, as well as ethernet from things like MotoSat. Offering these kinds of options at the factory is one of the reasons we’ve been rated the only 5 Star Towable by the RV Consumer Group.”

    The WiFiRanger package are available for installation in any New Horizons RV and can be requested at the time of order.  For more information on upgrading your RV with WiFiRanger Products, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


    About New Horizons

    Family owned and operated for over 20 years, New Horizons RVs builds customized luxury RVs.  New Horizon RVs are known for their true four-season comfort that allows you to enjoy your RV in temperatures ranging from below 0º F to over 100º F. Products are built to withstand the rigors of full-time living for decades which is why the consumer RV Group has awarded them the #1 rating 10 years in a row for their class. For More information, see

  • Building Acquisition Open or Close


    BlueMesh Networks Acquires New Headquarters

    BlueMesh Networks moves into its new office and production space

    BlueMesh Networks, maker of the popular WiFiRanger mobile router, has purchased the former VengaWorks building in Meridian, Idaho as their new Corporate Offices.

    The modern, Gold Certified LEED building will serve their planned growth and facilitate an environmentally-friendly commerce center for other technology companies in the Treasure Valley. "As an industry leader in Wireless Technology and Mobile Routers, we felt that our Corporate Offices must exude a unique, high-tech environment for our workforce and future employees. The former VengaWorks building is a marvel in efficiency, automation, and beauty that will attract the best companies in the valley that are interested in an environmentally-friendly workplace for their teams as well" said Kelly Hogan, CEO of BlueMesh Networks.

    The building offers full service, month-to-month work suites starting at $425 including modern furniture, fiber-based Internet access, shared common areas, including SmartBoard equipped training rooms, conference areas with HiDef monitors, and pleasantly appointed shared areas for collaboration.

    "We are taking the building to the highest level of environmental efficiency and plan to install 30Kw of Solar Arrays on a grid tie system later this summer. This will make the building a 'Nil-Impact' work place, and continue to push the envelope of unique and low-carbon footprint commerce. Companies seeking to have an address that defines the standard in efficient commerce will want this building as their choice" continued Hogan.